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CEMS Masters in International Management - the jewel in the Business School's crown

07 Aug 2014

The Dean of the Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell, has described the elite CEMS Masters in International Management (MIM) program as the jewel in the Business School's crown.

Speaking at a seminar for around 75 CEMS students, Professor Whitwell also said that the program was in keeping with Australia's strong commitment to international engagement and multiculturalism.

CEMS is an alliance of the world's leading Business Schools that offer the exclusive MIM program.

The Business School is the only Australian institution offering the pre-experience degree course which attracts about a thousand students each year.

In an effort to instil a sense of belonging to a global community, CEMS students are required to complete half of their MIM course at a foreign university.

During the CEMS Block Seminar, Professor Whitwell talked to students drawn from more than 25 countries of Australia's status as an "immigrant nation" and of its cultural diversity.

"Australia has welcomed migrants in waves. The British were first and they were followed by Europeans who were in turn followed by people from Asia and many other parts of the world," Professor Whitwell said. "Our task now is to forge a new identity as a diverse multicultural nation in the Asia Pacific Region."

The weeklong seminar focused on the analysis and resolution of simulated business and workplace challenges.

Following the seminar, Professor Whitwell said that the CEMS program offers high-calibre, internationally oriented students a multi-country experience combining academic excellence and real-life business practice.

He also thanked corporate partners QBE Insurance, Deloitte and Hilti for their support of the internationally recognised CEMS program.