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Global Executive MBA student wins top industry award for pursuing excellence in education

01 Aug 2014

Jonathan WuJonathan Wu, a current student in the Business School's Global Executive MBA program, has won the prestigious Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) New South Wales state level award for Excellence in Education.

Jonathan, who is an Associate Director with the Sydney based firm SWU Financial Planning, is now a contender for the AFA's national Excellence in Education award to be announced in October.

Commenting on the awards, Jonathan said that with "financial advisers currently in the news, the award is a way to show that genuine value can be created by seeking financial advice from those who excel in their education for the betterment of their clients, industry and community".

The AFA Excellence in Education award, established in 2008, recognises that a commitment to ongoing education is crucial to "excellence in advice" provided by Association members.

According to the Association, the Excellence in Education Award is designed to "reward advice professionals who undertake the challenge of acquiring knowledge and applying it in a way that benefits others".

"No matter whether it is hard technical skills or the soft skills of building long term trusting relationships with clients, it is clear that you need education and training to be the best at what you want to be as a professional," said Jonathan.

Driven by his pursuit of professional excellence, Jonathan joined the Business School's Global Executive MBA program this year.

"I have studied nonstop for the last 24 years and to date all of the courses have been of a technical nature," Jonathan said. "The Global Executive MBA allows me to explore other areas from leadership, to business management and client engagement, because each client is very different and engaging them in a way they feel comfortable with is key."

Jonathan, who completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Sydney in 2006, also says that the Global Executive MBA offers invaluable interaction with people from a wide range of industries as well as international experience.

The Business School's Association Dean (Management Education), Professor Richard Hall, has congratulated Jonathan on his Excellence in Education award.

"Our Global Executive MBA is the highest ranking program of its kind in Australia and is very much suited to people like Jonathan who are committed to a lifetime of education, said Professor Hall. "It is genuinely global, thoroughly experiential and profoundly personal in its impact on participants."