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Dr Nigel Finch welcomes the Mongolian delegation

03 Apr 2014

The University of Sydney Business School's Dr Nigel Finch, director of the newly formed Australia Mongolia Business Council, hosted a delegation of parliamentary members from Mongolia to strengthen ties and provide further guidance in economic development to this rapidly growing nation.

During the visit, the delegates discussed with Dr Finch, and other key academics, their current tax and financial issues, and potential opportunities to improve their credit rating and rehabilitate mining sites. Dr Finch said, "It's rewarding that our expertise and capabilities can be utilised to assist a developing nation, but at the same time, there are some mutual benefits as well."

The Council encourages mutual co-operation between Australian and Mongolian companies, and there are more than 200 Australian companies operating in Mongolia. It also works to reduce barriers to trade and investment. Mongolia is keen to strengthen its educational links with Australia, with the Federal government now funding 40 places for Mongolian students at Australian universities.

In the last month Dr Finch ventured to Mongolia to assist with investment projects and met with the ambassador, a trip he makes at least 3 times a year. After acquiring a wealth of new knowledge, Dr Finch went on the say to the delegation was about focus and taking a pro-active approach, for "it was their mission now to have determination and take action".