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Prof. Andrew Terry appointed to key ACCC Committee

03 Jan 2014

The Business School's Professor of Business Regulation, Professor Andrew Terry, has been appointed to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) Franchising Consultative Committee.

Professor Terry is an internationally respected expert on franchising and a passionate advocate of the franchise sector as a business expansion strategy.

"The Franchising Consultative Committee (FCC) is established within the ACCC to provide a forum through which competition and consumer concerns relating to the franchising can be considered and collaboratively addressed," Professor Terry explained.

"The franchise business model can make a significant contribution to economic growth," Professor Terry said. "Franchising gives small business access to the world's biggest brands, it introduces new business systems, takes customer service to a new level, provides much needed training and leads to a new way of thinking about the best way to do business."

"Franchise networks can also take advantage of their buying power to put downward pressure on the price of stock which flows through to the consumer." 

Professor Terry, an inductee into the Australian Franchising Hall of Fame, said that he was delighted to be appointed to the FCC and is looking forward to contributing to its deliberations.

Professor Terry is currently engaged in a two year research project to identify the structural, regulatory, commercial and legal barriers to franchising in South East Asia and to develop a strategy to stimulate the growth of the sector across the region.

He was informed of his appointment to the ACCC's Franchising Consultative Committee by the Commission's Deputy Chair, Dr Michael Schaper.