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Second year of groundbreaking MBA program begins with a diverse cohort of future leaders

20 Feb 2014

The University of Sydney Business School's innovative and leadership oriented MBA program, which is now in its second year, has been endorsed by people drawn from a broad cross section of the Australian community.

The 2014 cohort includes students with backgrounds in nursing, management, law, architecture, construction, not-for-profit services and elite sports. It also includes two University of Sydney employees who have been awarded staff scholarships to enhance their management and leadership skills.

"I see this as a unique opportunity to leverage my experience and to integrate new learning into my job," said staff scholarship recipient, Ann Goldwater, who is the Faculty Manager with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

"I am very much looking forward to learning about current trends in management for the benefit of the Faculty and the University of Sydney," Ann said.

"Going back to being a student will also be very interesting," she added.

The other recipient of a staff scholarship was Victoria Bolton, an architect with Campus Infrastructure and Services which manages the University's built environment and security.

"Now that the Campus Improvement Program has been lodged, my job is to support the University's faculties in realising their dreams," Victoria said. "I am hoping that an MBA will help me to gain a better understanding of their needs to develop improved education and built solutions."

Victoria is particularly keen to improve her change management skills and her understanding of organisational change.

"Infrastructure development isn't just about erecting buildings, it's about change management," she said. "An MBA is like adding new tools to my belt."

The 2014 MBA program has been expanded to include two new core units and four elective subjects designed to equip the next generation of creative business leaders with cutting edge management skills.

At its launch in March last year, the MBA program was built around leadership development as well as the more traditional and technical management areas of strategy, accounting, finance, data analytics, marketing, HR and organisational behaviour.

In keeping with the program's leadership theme, the new core units include 'Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership' and 'Managing People and Organisations'.

"These additions complete our suite of core units," said the Business School's Associate Dean, Management Education, Professor Richard Hall. "These new units cover leadership and strategy as well as vital personal, interpersonal and communications skills."

"It is critical that managers in the future are able to think creatively, are innovative and are able to communicate across a variety of media," Professor Hall said.

Commenting on the MBA's first year, Professor Hall said it demonstrated that the Business School's groundbreaking focus on leadership was the right strategy.

"I am now looking forward to 2014 and to delivering an expanded MBA program that offers new students an opportunity to acquire the skills to quickly and effectively adapt to our rapidly changing world and the personal skills to motivate and influence others."

Encouraged by the success of the program's first year, the Business School has decided to enrol a third MBA cohort for the second semester which begins in June 2014.

The MBA program is currently offered on a part-time basis to students with at least three years business experience. Class are held in Business School's new CBD campus at 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, which has been purpose fitted to enhance the learning outcomes.