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Business School takes out prestigious Australasian award

16 Aug 2017

The Business School has taken out a prestigious Australasian Peer Leader Award for the 10th year in a row, further cementing its status as a leader in the increasingly peer-focused learning environment.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are interactive groups of 10-16 students designed to complement traditional tutorials and lectures by encouraging students to engage with course content and receive feedback from their student mentors.

Rita Mikhael

Rita Mikhael, a senior Business and Law PASS facilitator and mentor was awarded an Australasian Outstanding Senior Leader Award for 2017. 

“PASS has provided me with many opportunities to grow personally and professionally,” said Ms Mikhael. “The best part has been the opportunity to work with an amazing team of friendly, high-achieving and dedicated facilitators.” 

“It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting students in the Business School over the last 4 years,” said Ms Mikhael. “I am very honoured to be awarded the Australasian Outstanding Senior Leader Award for 2017.”

The Australasian Peer Leader Awards are presented annually at the PASS and Peer Learning Conference to recognise individuals who have significantly contributed to student learning in this space.

“My time has a PASS facilitator has given me the opportunity to play an important and supportive role in the learning community at the University of Sydney,” said Ms Mikhael “I have thoroughly enjoyed helping students enhance their learning experience, deepen their knowledge of course content and understand the bigger picture of the units of study they undertake.” 

Rita has been on the PASS team since 2014 and has facilitated in Accounting, Business Law, Information Systems and Business units. She is the team leader for both the Accounting and Business Law teams.

“Rita embodies the true spirit of the PASS program and it is an honour and a privilege to be working alongside such an engaging and dedicated colleague,” said Jessica Morr, the Business School’s PASS Project Coordinator.

“Our PASS program has won multiple awards at the institutional, national and international level for the quality of our work and the outstanding outcomes that our program has achieved,” said Ms Morr.

“The dynamic, peer-based learning environment allows students to engage better with the course material, promoting deeper learning, as well as learn soft skills by interacting with others in ways otherwise not available through traditional teaching means,” said Ms Morr.

Rita recently completed her final semester of her Bachelor of Commerce/Law degree.

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