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Marketing expert slams both Yes and No tactics in SSM campaign

27 Sep 2017

Both “yes” and “no” campaigners in the same sex marriage debate have been warned not to act like “grubby second-hand car dealers” by a marketing expert at the Business School.

“Robo calls from the NO campaign nor spam SMS from the YES campaign are good practice,” says Professor Vince Mitchell, “The use of unsolicited texts or calls is annoying, an invasion of privacy and can be alarming for people who do not understand how modern marketing works.”

Professor Mitchell also says that these practices may “contravenes most marketing codes of conduct including the Australia Communications and Media Authority’s eMarketing Code of Practice”.

“Permission marketing, i.e., only marketing to people who’ve given you permission, has been around for decades and this is what the public expects when dealing with political ideals. It’s not ideal to be acting like a grubby second-hand car dealership.”

“It not only tarnishes the reputation of those organisation who act without permission, but also can cause people to react in exactly the opposite way than intend, not because of the message, but because of the medium,” Professor Mitchell said.

“This is particularly dangerous for the YES campaign which up until recently has had the moral high ground,” Professor Mitchell concluded. “With Tony Abbot’s injury from a YES campaigner and questions around what’s fair and equitable about mass spam texts, the YES campaign need to be careful not to allow the media rather than the message to become what people remember.”

Professor Mitchell was quoted by the BBC on the topic.