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New Business School Discipline at “intersection” of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship

28 Feb 2018

The University of Sydney Business School has launched a ground breaking Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which will “generate transformative knowledge, stimulate imagination and drive a fresh approach to the challenges facing government, business and society”.

“The new Discipline will provide Business School students with the skills to flourish in an increasingly complex marketplace and enable academics and industry partners to undertake research with faculties and research centres across the University,” said the School’s Dean Professor Greg Whitwell.

Leanne Cutcher

Head of the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor Leanne Cutcher

Professor Leanne Cutcher, who will head the new Discipline, describes it as a “collaborative group at the intersection of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship which will produce practical, actionable knowledge”.

The outward facing Discipline, Professor Cutcher says, “will provide strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial ways of thinking” across the Business School’s existing graduate and postgraduate programs.

“We want to prepare students for the 21st Century,” Professor Cutcher said, “We want to provide them with the skills to think strategically; and to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.”

The Discipline will also engage with the University’s internationally respected Brain and Mind Institute (BMI), the Nano Institute, the Charles Perkins Centre which studies obesity and diabetes, the Sydney Policy Lab and the Sydney Environment Institute.

“The kind of work that we are now discussing with the Nano Institute provides a very good example of our cross disciplinary approach,” said Professor Cutcher.

“While we will not be involved in the Institute’s world leading research into very small particles, we may work with them on innovative ways of operationalising their research results.”

Professor Cutcher emphasises that her new Discipline will focus on “engaged” research and will work closely with the Business School’s Director of Research Engagement, Professor Susan Thorp, who ensures that projects undertaken by the School reflect the needs of business, government and the community.

“Our relationship with the business community is particularly important and one of my first tasks will be to start a conversation with business,” said Professor Cutcher.

“The new discipline integrates and cross-pollinates knowledge that activates its community – academia, business, government and entrepreneurs from all sectors – to imagine and enact fresh approaches to important challenges,” she concluded.

Professor Greg Whitwell, says that the new Discipline reflected the School’s commitment to providing graduates with the skills to become the next generation of business, government and civil society leaders.

“The Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship also puts the School in the vanguard of cross disciplinary teaching and learning which is now widely accepted as the future of tertiary education because of the obvious benefits it provides to students,” Professor Whitwell said.