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First Global Executive MBA to address changing needs of business

The University of Sydney, Australia will offer a world-class Global Executive MBA program for the first time in 2010 providing senior executives with the skills to survive and provide leadership to a world coping with the global financial crisis

The innovative program has been developed over the past three years, in close partnership with Australian business leaders.

Faculty of Economics and Business Global Executive MBA Program Director and Associate Dean (Executive Education), Professor Chris Styles, says an exciting and distinctive aspect of the Global Executive MBA is the way the course has been developed. "Creating the program in consultation with the business community and fully testing and assessing each module, has resulted in a degree tailor-made for what business wants."

The Global Executive MBA sets itself a part by focusing on leadership and offers a hands-on approacnl5asea on real-life experiences spanning four continents.

Participants will explore new opportunities in Bangalore, India; issues relating to growth in Silicon Valley; and tackle organisational renewal in France's tradition-bound wine industry. At each location they are tasked with co-ordinating a real-life local business project which provides an opportunity to explore a strategic theme. Meanwhile, participants strengthen their expertise by attending related seminars taught by members of the Faculty and highly-regarded local experts.

The course also involves participants being exposed to a number of different perspectives from thought leaders across The University and beyond. Significantly, participants are given the opportunity to discover creativity and teamwork in leadership through improvising jazz at The University's Conservatorium of Music; create narratives from the Sydney College of the Arts; construct compelling and rigorous arguments through the Department of Philosophy; learn how to apply politics from the Faculty's own Professor Geoff Gallop (former Premier of WA and Rhode's Scholar); and investigate how the military approaches management.

Rather than teaching material in traditional functional silos, the course is structured around more holistic, strategic themes - similar to those faced by CEOs in the real-life context of business.

Taught in five, two-week intensive modules held every 3-4 months over an 18 month period, the program allows busy senior executives to complete their degree in tandem with work commitments. Another significant advantage of the program is that it provides participants the opportunity to immediately apply what they learn to their workplace by undertaking a high-level strategic project that the participant develops in collaboration with their employer and the Global Executive MBA Program Director.

Major companies, senior executives and leading management educators globally have given the program an extremely enthusiastic response. "Everyone involved with the program is very passionate about this course. The feedback we've had is that it has the potential to make a real difference to the participants and their affiliated organisations," says Professor Styles.

He said: "The search is now on for the first 15-20 executives to take part in the program. We are looking for organisations to nominate future leaders to attend the course and for individuals to identify themselves as wanting to be part of the first group to experience this exciting new era in management education."

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