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"New Perspectives on Contemporary Leadership" Lecture

A highlight of the 2009 Spring Back to Sydney Alumni Reunion held at The University of Sydney on Saturday 19 September, was the "New Perspectives on Contemporary Leadership" lecture given by Associate Professor Richard Hall, one of the two facilitators of the Leadership Module for the new Global Executive MBA.

Some 60 interested Alumni and friends registered for this insightful lecture in which Richard reconsidered the question of leadership from six different perspectives, namely military, political, philosophical, the performing and visual arts, ethics and the world of music.

While each of these perspectives offers very different insights into effective leadership, he argued that taken together, they suggest that contemporary leadership might be less about having the answers, and more about knowing the rightquestions to ask.

Recent corporate scandals, the failure of many high profile financial houses and the ensuing Global Financial Crisis suggest the need to reconsider the question of business leadership. Is the aggressive and ambitious corporate leadership style popularised in the 1980s and 1990s still relevant today? Is it time to take stock of what lessons for business leadership might be gleaned from very different fields of human endeavour?

About Associate Professor Richard Hall

Richard is Associate Professor in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the Faculty as well as co-director of the Organisational Discourse, Strategy and Change research group.

He is also on the editorial board of Australia's leading employment studies journal, the Journal of Industrial Relations and has been a chief investigator on a number of major research projects funded by the ARC, the International Labour Office and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. He has extensive experience in applied research and consultancy for a range of corporate clients and partners including ANZ, Accenture, Baulderstone Hornibrook, Bell South (US), Computershare, AMP Capital Investment, Getronics, Kimberly-Clark Australia, PA Consulting and Wyeth Australia.

About Spring Back to Sydney

The 2009 Spring Back to Sydney Alumni Reunion provides graduates of The University of Sydney with a chance to re-connect with fellow alumni, relive old memories and share in the energy that abounds at the University. At this annual event, Alumni and their family and friends enjoy a day of festivities, cultural and family activities and are able to relive the Sydney education that left a lifelong impression of intellectual discoveries, lasting friendships and much-loved sandstone cloisters.

This event is part of the alumni outreach program which continues to gain momentum and offers alumni an opportunity to engage with and reap the benefits of a powerful and highly respected network.

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