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Business School Awards GEMBA Excellence in Leadership Scholarship

23 May 2013

The University of Sydney Business School has continued its initiative of support for its students, awarding the Excellence in Leadership Scholarship to Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) participant Houda Lebbos.

Ms Lebbos, who is currently Chief Human Resources Officer at Smartsalary, and a Director at Smartfleet, was awarded the scholarship which aims to promote academic excellence in executive leadership.

"This scholarship is a fantastic validation of the work I have been doing to date and the Excellence in Leadership Scholarship is an exceptional form of recognition," Ms Lebbos said.  "The financial aspect of the scholarship is wonderful - however, the recognition of excellence in leadership is beyond description and I am very grateful to have been acknowledged with such an esteemed award," Ms Lebbos said.

"The GEMBA has provided the opportunity to look at the realm of leadership in a more complete and holistic way," she continued. "There has been a considerable shift in the scope of a leader's role. We need leaders who are mindful of these complexities and how this plays out at work, therefore able to manage and 'play' in this space accordingly."

"The Business School is extremely passionate about the development of leadership potential in all of its students," said Global Executive MBA Program Director, Associate Professor Nick Wailes. "Through the Excellence in Leadership Scholarship, we are ensuring that the very best of tomorrow's leaders are recognised for their existing acehivements talents, and given the greatest opportunity to succeed."

The Excellence in Leadership Scholarship was established in 2009, in conjunction with the launch of the Business School's Global Executive MBA program.

Open to all GEMBA participants, the scholarship is awarded by a panel to the most outstanding candidate against the degree selection criteria, which include academic achievement, leadership potential, personal integrity and their motivation to achieve.

The scholarship is valued at 50 percent of the total degree tuition fees, which in 2013 equates to more than $42,000.

For more information on the University of Sydney Business School Global Executive MBA program, or its associated scholarships, please visit the GEMBA webpage.