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Business School In the Media

  • Diane Van Den Broek on Channel 10's The Project 15 Nov 2017

    Channel 10's The Project

    Staff Member: Diane Van Den Broek

    Channel 10’s The Project interviewed Associate Professor Diane Van Den Broek from the Business School about the role aesthetics plays in the workplace.

  • How your personal information funds share bike schemes 14 Nov 2017

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Sandra Peter

    Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Sandra Peter, Director of Sydney Business Insights at the Business School, about how share bike companies make money. The article was syndicated across Fairfax Media.

  • Corinne Mulley on 6PR Perth 14 Nov 2017

    6PR Perth

    Staff Member: Corinne Mulley

    6PR Perth interviewed Professor Corinne Mulley form Business School about the Ellenbrook Rail Line project in WA. ABC Newcastle also interviewed Professor Mulley about using homeowner levies to fund infrastructure projects.


  • Applying Best Practice in Public Transport Planning to an Urban Ferry System 14 Nov 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Robin Sandell

    Sydney’s ferry system is a much loved part of the city’s public transport network. But is there a way to make ferries more useful for customers and to have them operate at less cost to the taxpayer?

    Read more

  • Corridor Protection for Infrastructure and Transport 26 Oct 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Peter Thornton

    Infrastructure Australia (IA) recently released a paper in its reform series entitled “Corridor Protection” in which the case is argued for effective corridor protection for future infrastructure projects. In particular, the argument is advanced that the cost of acquiring the land needed to build tomorrow’s infrastructure is much less, in discounted cash flow terms, than would need to be expended in the future when, potentially, the land needed for such corridor may have been crowded out by urbanisation and other higher forms of land use. Read more

  • Road pricing reform – a getting started idea 03 Oct 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By David Hensher and Michiel Bliemer

    While it is recognised through numerous inquiries and research related activities that road pricing reform is necessary if we are ever to tame traffic congestion to ‘acceptable’ levels, and the theory is well established on how to price travel under congested conditions, the challenge has always been on how to get started in a way that can demonstrate the merits of a reform scheme without having to have a total system implementation. Read more