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Latest News

  • Business Law discipline focuses on “leadership for good” 17 Feb 2017

    The University of Sydney Business School’s Discipline of Business Law is internationally focused and committed leadership for good, according to senior researcher, Professor Gail Pearson. More

  • MBA Graduate appointed to Fishburners Board 17 Feb 2017

    MBA graduate Bilyana Smith (MBA ’15) has recently been appointed as a Board Member of Fishburners, Australia’s largest start-up community and charity dedicated to supporting highly scalable tech start-ups. Smith offers Fishburners a wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and invaluable connections in creative industries, media, marketing and communications. More

  • Business can avoid costly disruption nature’s way 17 Feb 2017

    Modern business strategies that focus on lean supply chain networks and just in time deliveries have left corporations vulnerable to disruptive forces ranging from natural disasters to cyber-attacks, according to University of Sydney researchers. More

Business School In the Media

  • Professor Teresa Davis on ABC Ballarat 14 Mar 2017

    ABC Ballarat

    Staff Member: Teresa Davis

    Associate Professor Teresa Davis discussed the marketing tactics used by brands on Valentine's Day, on ABC Ballarat.

  • Complex supply chains are good news: research 21 Feb 2017

    Sunshine Coast Daily

    Staff Member: Michael Bell, Supun Perera

    Sunshine Coast Daily reported on new research that recommends companies should focus on identifying weak links in their supply chain to ensure networks are less susceptible to disruption. Professor Michael Bell and Dr Supun Perera was quoted.

  • PepsiCo to boost paid parental leave from 12 to 16 weeks as government look to end 'double dipping' 20 Feb 2017

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Canberra Times and regional newspapers

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Canberra Times and regional newspapers quoted Associate Professor Rae Cooper about PepsiCo bolstering paid parental leave and carers’ leave entitlement for its employees.


  • I can't wait to get my Ls! A Perspective on High School Travel 09 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Stephen Greaves

    Last week marked the end of the school holidays in Sydney and a resumption for many of frustrating levels of congestion as the 'school-run' resumed. Well over half of school children were driven, which is roughly double the levels when many of their parents would have been attending school, 25-30 years ago. How have we arrived at this situation and what can we do? Read more

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Implications for Future Transport Systems 02 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By David Hensher, Chinh Ho and Richard Ellison

    The rapid development of autonomous vehicles (AV) has prompted considerable speculation on how these vehicles will ‘revolutionise’ the future of cities’ transport systems. It has been suggested that a large-scale adoption of AV would lead to safer roads, congestion-free cities and more public spaces as vehicles can be shared, and hence fewer parking spaces are needed. However, it is far from clear if these visions are likely to be realised and what this might imply for the future transport networks and policy agendas. Read more

  • Feasibility of increasing volumetric load of freight heavy vehicles 09 Dec 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Mary Chiang

    The National Transport Commission (NTC) recently published an issues paper on increasing heavy vehicle (HV) volumetric load capacity without increasing mass limits in an effort to increase the productivity of road freight.  The NTC paper identified a number of key issues that require further consideration and resolution prior to developing a national policy for introducing higher productivity vehicles (HPVs) onto Australian roads. Read more

Latest Videos

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Eliza Wu

In times of economic uncertainty, international banks are likely to pull-back on cross boarder banking activities. Dr Eliza Wu, Associate Professor in the Discipline of Finance discusses the potential implications from Brexit on Asia Pacific- a region heavily reliant on bank financing.

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Greg Whitwell

The Business School has been a part of the ground breaking research 'blueprint', which looked at the cultural composition of leaders within the ASX200, Federal Parliament, the public service and universities.

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Massimo Garbuio

When developing a strategy for engaging with start-ups, Dr Massimo Garbuio states that big companies need to have the right mindset to successfully capture the start-up attitude to expose untapped assets and fuel innovation.