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Sydney Business Blog

The Business School is proud of both the depth and breadth of our community. Our students, academics, alumni and industry partners are all integral in helping to shape the principles we believe in, and the successes we achieve.

That is why the Business School encourages our entire community to make their voices heard. Whether it is students taking part in our Exchange or Industry Placement programs, or a member of staff with something to say in their area of expertise, we believe that every opinion counts.

The Sydney Business blogs exist to give all of members of the Business School community the opportunity and space to voice those opinions, report their experiences and share their thoughts on what's happening at the Business School, and beyond.

We are always looking for bloggers to write for us. Whether you are a student, an academic, alumni or a representative of the industry, if you would like to blog for the Business School, please contact us for more information.

The Big Opportunity Blog

The Big Opportunity Blog explores current conversations and ideas from the world of business. These are insights into the thoughts of tomorrow's agents of change - our leading academics, business leaders and students. Shape your opinion on what matters.

Latest Posts

  • Oh La La 19 Jul 2016

    Have you ever heard someone say ‘Oh la la’? Do you ever wonder what it means? What do you think it means in French?  When I first heard it from my French teacher, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but when I heard it again it made me curious, so I Googled and found this definition: The French phrase oh là là isn't so much an expression as an interjection. It can indicate surprise, More

  • How I Learnt To Appreciate Paris 14 Jul 2016

    The end of week three marks the halfway point in the programme, and a three-week countdown to the next time we return home again. I'm thrilled. Paris has opened my eyes in so many ways, but also granted me an appreciation for home and longing for comfort of being around family and friends. As we kiss June goodbye and enter July, I started reflecting on the first half of the year and thinking More

  • Embracing the Change… 5 Jul 2016

    I love to travel, who doesn’t? Visiting a new place always excites me. Just thinking about the places to see, the must do and must eat - thrills me.  Visiting a place for the second time however, gives me a different kind of enthusiasm, as this time I will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the place. I joined a European tour 6 years ago and Paris was one of the places we visited. More

  • Finding My Way Around Paris 30 Jun 2016

    A violent bang of the train doors, as they swing open with the flick of a handle upwards. The chatter of hushed French voices in the train carriage – a language I’ve begun to be able to decipher. A woman playing Candy Crush on her phone, leaving me with a realisation that some things are quite universal. It’s Friday today. And hello, from Paris. Prior to my departure, everyone was asking if I More

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MBA Blog

Latest Posts

  • Multiplying Factor Four 25 Jul 2016

    By Luke Morton, current student in the University of Sydney Business School MBA Program. In my last post, What are the Characteristics of an Emerging Leader?, I made reference to three multiplying factors of personal growth, proposing that they are … Continue reading

  • Working in my beautiful mess 4 Jul 2016

    By Georgia Knox, graduate of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program If you want something done, ask a busy person. We’ve all heard that phrase. Coined by one of America’s founding fathers, the notion has been in existence for … Continue reading

  • Transforming the future of green energy 27 Jun 2016

    By Nancy Nguyen, Marine & Logistics Category Manager at Woodside Energy, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient and current student in the University of Sydney Business School MBA program. “I’d rather be poor and educated than be rich and ill … Continue reading

  • The Art and Craft of Business Innovation 20 Jun 2016

    By Associate Professor Stefan Meisiek, Director of Educational Practice in Business at the University of Sydney Business School. Peter Drucker, maybe the most prolific management guru of the past century, saw innovation as key to corporate longevity and success. In his book Innovation … Continue reading

  • Procrastination & Progress 14 Jun 2016

    By Paul Harkin, current student in the University of Sydney Business School MBA Program.  Wanting to improve our skills in leadership and management can feel overwhelming at times. Where do we start? When we reflect on our strengths and areas … Continue reading

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Marketing Matters

Latest Posts

  • Marketing to Millennials 18 Jul 2016

    Image credit: In today’s workforce, there are three types of primary generations. They include baby boomers, generation X and then finally, the millennials. All those born between 1981 and 2000 are labeled as millennials. In America they make up 41% of the total U.S population and in Australia they are around 20% of the total population. Marketing Tips for Millennials 1) ... Read More

  • Coding: The language of the future 11 Jul 2016

    Education and technology have become an integral part of today’s society. The need to teach our children more computational ways of thinking has been further reflected in the government’s incentive to drive more STEM (science, technology, engineering, math’s) related subjects, and more recently the development of a digital technologies curriculum that addresses the situation. Within ... Read More

  • How marketers are using neuroscience to control what we buy 1 Jul 2016

     Image credit: It is a common practice for consumers to spend on luxury goods. However, know that there is a trick behind you spending so much on these products.  Blame the marketers who are now becoming very clever in controlling what you buy. According to previous studies, people will buy products that are called expensive and ignore the quality of the ... Read More

  • Relationship between Facebook Ads and Companies 28 Jun 2016

    Image credit: Starting off as a just a plain social networking site, Facebook has become something bigger and better. Today, Facebook is used for a range of things including advertisement.  A large number of companies are using Facebook as a platform of advertisement and companies are getting a lot of audience directly from the social networking site. Facebook, thus, has ... Read More

  • Key factors on demand from marketers today 24 Jun 2016

    It is becoming more of a challenge for business’s to ensure a long-term sustainable growth strategy. Putting that aside however, the idea of growth still stands to be an imperative factor for most Chief Executive Officers. To help drive growth for business, it is us marketers that top executives are looking towards. The world in which we live is constantly changing at an ever so rapid pace ... Read More

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ITLS Thinking outside the box

These short pieces focus on transport and logistics topics of currency that are likely to be challenging and controversial – hence the titling of the series Thinking outside the box. It has all the elements of critical thinking and the challenge of change.

Professor David Hensher, Director, ITLS

Latest Posts

  • Smart Cities, Smart Thinking about Innovative Financing? 26 May 2016

    Martin Locke

    The Smart Cities Plan talks about the establishment of an Infrastructure Financing Unit to explore innovative financing, including private partnerships, balance sheet leveraging and value capture for major projects. My suggestion is that one of the first tasks of this new unit is to explore the application of the NAIF principles. Read more

  • When it is not optimal to look for an "Optimal Policy"? - The case of airport slot allocation 02 May 2016

    Xiaowen Fu

    Economists and operational researchers are trained to look for “optimal” solutions, especially when policy changes are considered. A failed policy will not only lead to substantial economic loss, but will also risk the decision-maker’s credentials. Although the aspiration for better policy should be encouraged, there is always uncertainty associated with any business and economic decisions. Read more

  • ‘Uberisation’ of Public Transport in the Digital Age - what is in store in the next 10 to 20 years? 19 Apr 2016

    David A. Hensher

    The opportunities for public transport to match customer expectation under a mobility service model are exciting but also disruptive in terms of current practices centred around mode-specific contracts, protected service areas and under-utilised capacity. Has the time arrived for the digital age to provide the much needed technological spur for the take off into the new mobility services era? Read more

  • Our PM is a transport agnostic – Hallelujah! 14 Mar 2016

    David Brown

    Transport planning has been unduly affected by a range of thinking that is not independent analysis, but rather a fundamentalism whose passion for a particular mode of transport has verged on religiosity. It is good to promote transport based on meeting people's needs not on the passionate feelings for one mode of travel. Read more

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