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The Business School is proud of both the depth and breadth of our community. Our students, academics, alumni and industry partners are all integral in helping to shape the principles we believe in, and the successes we achieve.

That is why the Business School encourages our entire community to make their voices heard. Whether it is students taking part in our Exchange or Industry Placement programs, or a member of staff with something to say in their area of expertise, we believe that every opinion counts.

The Sydney Business blogs exist to give all of members of the Business School community the opportunity and space to voice those opinions, report their experiences and share their thoughts on what's happening at the Business School, and beyond.

We are always looking for bloggers to write for us. Whether you are a student, an academic, alumni or a representative of the industry, if you would like to blog for the Business School, please contact us for more information.

The Big Opportunity Blog

The Big Opportunity Blog explores current conversations and ideas from the world of business. These are insights into the thoughts of tomorrow's agents of change - our leading academics, business leaders and students. Shape your opinion on what matters.

Latest Posts

  • Tips for business students starting university 6 Feb 2018

    Starting something new always seems quite daunting. When it comes to university, you’ll see new faces, learn new things and navigate new environments. Here are a few tips that have helped me, to ensure you get the most out of your commerce degree and university in general.  Don’t be afraid to make new friends One thing I was definitely scared to do when I first started university was making More

  • Breaking Down the Mosaic: Multilingualism and its Place in Contemporary Singapore 30 Jan 2018

    “Will we ever become completely homogeneous, a melange of languages and cultures? No.”- Lee Kuan Yew Stepping off the plane from Sydney, one of the first things I observed about Singapore was its multilingualism. Whether noting signs written in multiple dialects, or the unfamiliar sound of announcements repeated in different ways, the diversity of language was clear. However, as part of the More

  • Retiring stigma around ageing 23 Jan 2018

    From ‘timebombs’, to ‘tsunamis’ and even a ‘national disaster’ – why Singapore’s government is its own worst enemy when it comes to dealing with the elderly. The Lion City: a dynamic nation home to delicious eateries, stunning tourist attractions, and one of the most breathtaking harbourfronts in the world. Over the past half-century, Singapore has transformed itself from a rural fishing village More

  • Allan's Take on the Singapore Immersion Program 16 Jan 2018

    The opportunity to participate in the Singapore Immersion Program; under the guidance of our unit coordinator, Dr Jeaney Yip, has extended beyond merely a cultural learning experience. Whilst the obvious takeaways from this experience were those related to my increased understanding of the Singaporean context and culture, I was surprised by the extent to which my softer skills were developed; More

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MBA Blog

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Marketing Matters

Latest Posts

  • Christmas Shopping Frenzy 13 Dec 2017

    While confidence about the Christmas shopping season has fallen among many Australian retailers, for online consumers, Monday was the busiest online shopping day of the year. The orders rained in during the hour following lunch; as the peak time to find gifts via a computer screen, according to new eBay research. I’ve been putting off my Christmas shopping this year, not because I’m selfish, ... Read More

  • The Meghan Effect 4 Dec 2017

    Move over Kate Middleton. There’s a new royal fashion icon on the block. Since the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress, Meghan Markle, fans and royalists have become obsessed with the soon-to-be royal’s wardrobe.  Prince Harry, who is currently fifth in line to the throne, will marry Meghan next spring, making her a duchess. Meghan and Harry had their first public ... Read More

  • Is Online Privacy Beyond Our Control? 28 Nov 2017

    A report conducted by the Digital Rights and Governance Project from the University of Sydney has revealed that Australians are very concerned about their digital privacy, especially when it comes to government and corporate violations. The findings showed that 67 per cent of Australians attempt to protect their privacy online and 61 per cent change settings on social media, but only 38 per cent ... Read More

  • End of Semester, End of an Era 24 Nov 2017

    Each semester in the Master of Marketing program, new students are welcomed into the fold and lasting bonds are formed that will endure long after graduation. This semester, we have been blessed with a strong cohort who have wholeheartedly embraced university life, engaging each other both in and outside the classroom. On Tuesday, we all got together at The Refectory to celebrate the end of a ... Read More

  • Do You Have Soft Skills To Be In The Workplace Of The Future? 21 Nov 2017

    As the workforce moves deeper into a the age of automation, why is it so hard to find the right candidates with the right skills? While many graduates have adequate technical skills, a large percentage lack soft skills like innovative and critical thinking, change and stakeholder management, and a drive for results.  As graduation approaches for Master of Marketing students at the University ... Read More

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ITLS Thinking outside the box

These short pieces focus on transport and logistics topics of currency that are likely to be challenging and controversial – hence the titling of the series Thinking outside the box. It has all the elements of critical thinking and the challenge of change.

Professor David Hensher, Director, ITLS

Latest Posts

  • Up or Out: Travel Demand and Thirty Minute Cities 16 Feb 2018

    David Levinson

    Each technological advance in mobility over the past 200 years increased the size of metropolitan areas. Will autonomous vehicles follow the path well worn by earlier technologies?

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  • Eradicating Road Accidents: A Driverless Future? 09 Feb 2018

    Stephen Greaves

    Much has been debated about the driverless future and what we should be doing to prepare: When is it coming and in what form? Will we embrace it for ourselves and our loved ones? Will vehicle ownership and usage change? Will congestion get better or worse? Will it free up space in our cities? What are the implications for public transport, cycling and walking? Read more

  • When is Car Sharing Value for Money: the car centric traveller? 30 Jan 2018

    David Hensher

    There may be many car owners where the economics of sharing does not stack up until we have shared autonomous vehicles that have significantly lower user costs (i.e., no driver wages for example). All the while we have a driver in a shared car, the economics are not very attractive for regular car (centric) users. This is the dominant travel mode in most cities in Australia, and hence I anticipate that the exercise below reflects a circumstance of many current car owners and users.

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  • Personal Preferences of Managers in Designing Sustainable Supply Chains 01 Dec 2017

    Behnam Fahimnia

    The growing interest of supply chain stakeholders (e.g., customers, governments, and non-governmental organisations) in sustainable practices have made organisations start rethinking the design of their supply chains by considering a set of environmental and social performance measures. Read more

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