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The Business School is proud of both the depth and breadth of our community. Our students, academics, alumni and industry partners are all integral in helping to shape the principles we believe in, and the successes we achieve.

That is why the Business School encourages our entire community to make their voices heard. Whether it is students taking part in our Exchange or Industry Placement programs, or a member of staff with something to say in their area of expertise, we believe that every opinion counts.

The Sydney Business blogs exist to give all of members of the Business School community the opportunity and space to voice those opinions, report their experiences and share their thoughts on what's happening at the Business School, and beyond.

We are always looking for bloggers to write for us. Whether you are a student, an academic, alumni or a representative of the industry, if you would like to blog for the Business School, please contact us for more information.

The Big Opportunity Blog

The Big Opportunity Blog explores current conversations and ideas from the world of business. These are insights into the thoughts of tomorrow's agents of change - our leading academics, business leaders and students. Shape your opinion on what matters.

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  • Dual Mandate Business: What Does Gulf Food Security Have In Common With Sydney’s Urban Future? 17 Sep 2015

    By Associate Lecturer Michael Katz CSR is about businesses performing in a way that appears to further some social good that goes beyond the financial interests of the firm and relevant legal requirements. However, moving beyond CSR, which is seen as peripheral and more messaging than reality, the concept of dual mandate is an important development. Dual mandate sits within the spectrum of ‘ More

  • The local Industry Placement Program – not as local as I thought 1 Sep 2015

    Heading out of the assessment centre, I wasn’t sure if I had made it into the program. I had heard so many stories about each of my friend’s experiences with the Industry Placement Program (IPP), but it didn’t mean I was sure that I had received a place. Now, I'm two weeks into the placement, working in a professional services role for the very first time with one of the big four and I’ve More

  • Adventures in India 24 Aug 2015

    This past July I have had the opportunity to work with the social enterprise, Pollinate Energy, through the Business School's Community Placement Program. Pollinate Energy aims to improve the lives of India’s Urban poor. Every year, thousands of Indians are migrating from their rural villages to these urban slums. These people are seeking employment and these harsh living conditions, often More

  • Master of Management students visit China - part 2 17 Aug 2015

    A trip to China is not complete without visiting the impressive factories and facilities the country has to offer. On our recent trip to the south-east provinces of China, twenty Master of Management students and I had the privilege of being hosted by the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (CECEP) Group. CECEP is China’s largest state-owned renewable energy enterprise and is More

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MBA Blog

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Marketing Matters

Latest Posts

  • Marketing Campaign: Melanoma Likes Me 6 Oct 2015

    Oh boy, what a wonderful long sunny weekend! As the temperatures sizzled and the beaches packed, I couldn’t but help think about one of the best marketing campaigns of the year. Aussies love the sun, and love telling friends about it on social media. But every time we do, we make a new friend, _melenoma. Melanoma is a skin cancer that kills 1500 Australians each year and is the most lethal ... Read More

  • Mobile Marketing for the Oldies 30 Sep 2015

    When you think of marketing to “Older People” what comes to mind? Is it images of retired couples sitting back in a rocking chair? Is it couples that still have a so-called “brick” as a mobile telephone? Make no mistake here; these misconceptions in marketing for the elderly should be cleared up straight away. In today’s ever-evolving technological world, brands and companies tend to overlook ... Read More

  • Ambush marketing: A threat or an opportunity? 28 Sep 2015

    Ambush marketing is a strategy in which advertisers “ambush” or take over an event to gain exposure for an advertising purpose. The unauthorised use of an event for marketing publicity it not a new phenomenon. The first recognised example of ambush marketing came shortly after VISA was made an official sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympic games over its rival American Express. The phrase "ambush ... Read More

  • Instagram is developing, but what does it mean for brands? 24 Sep 2015

    Instagram is updating and building upon its platform with new innovative developments, such as the integration of the Instagram API (Application Programming Interface). Representing one of the fastest growing major mobile properties, Instagram is home to an engaged and authentic community with more than 300 million users. To further put this giant powerhouse in perspective, the mobile app ... Read More

  • 7 tips to increase customer online engagement 21 Sep 2015

    It’s not like conventional ways to deal with, advertising where you particularly target prospects with direct reaction offers, engagement promoting permits your crowd and potential clients to associate with you and shape how they might want to speak with you. Engagement promoting starts when an intrigued individual makes a move to start an association with you.Engagement implies somebody is keen ... Read More

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US Placement Program Blogs

During their stay in the United States, participants in the Washington DC and Los Angeles Placement Programs share their experiences of work, study and all else that is life.

Washington DC Placement Program

Los Angeles Placement Program

  • Los Angeles Series: Theme Parks 6 Feb 2014

    It's almost halfway through the LA program and I've been lucky enough to visit 4 theme parks! Here's my breakdown:... More

  • Los Angeles Series: The Holiday 6 Feb 2014

    Hey guys, Ben here attempting my first ever blog post. I know it’s been almost 4 weeks into the LA program, but it has been crazy since day one!... More

  • I'm An Intern! And More Cycling... 25 Jan 2014

    I got an internship! Woohoo- no longer an intern-orphan! This week was the start of my internship at M&C Saatchi. I’m placed with Apple-extraordinaire Lee on the program who’s from WA and so far it’s been an amazing experience! M&C... More