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Sydney Business Blog

The Business School is proud of both the depth and breadth of our community. Our students, academics, alumni and industry partners are all integral in helping to shape the principles we believe in, and the successes we achieve.

That is why the Business School encourages our entire community to make their voices heard. Whether it is students taking part in our Exchange or Industry Placement programs, or a member of staff with something to say in their area of expertise, we believe that every opinion counts.

The Sydney Business blogs exist to give all of members of the Business School community the opportunity and space to voice those opinions, report their experiences and share their thoughts on what's happening at the Business School, and beyond.

We are always looking for bloggers to write for us. Whether you are a student, an academic, alumni or a representative of the industry, if you would like to blog for the Business School, please contact us for more information.

The Big Opportunity Blog

The Big Opportunity Blog explores current conversations and ideas from the world of business. These are insights into the thoughts of tomorrow's agents of change - our leading academics, business leaders and students. Shape your opinion on what matters.

Latest Posts

  • 6 things you didn't know about our marketing capstone unit 11 Jul 2018

    Solve real-world marketing challenges in our new marketing capstone unit  Our Marketing in Practice unit gives you the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. You will gain practical experience with contemporary business problems while using the key knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your marketing major. But what is the capstone unit really like? Some of our More

  • Students make meaningful impact in rural communities 29 Jun 2018

    Our students share their experiences working with social enterprises in rural communities. Our Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) program connects students across the University and offers an opportunity to collaborate on solving real-world issues. Students are partnered with social and commercial enterprises to work closely on projects that drive tangible change for remote communities. More

  • The importance of finding your own lane 16 May 2018

    It’s second year. You’re a penultimate year student in a Bachelor of Commerce program hoping to score an internship with the hope of gaining some sort of graduate role. Or… like me, a second year student in a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies/Advanced Studies) program who is keen on getting early industry experience. Whilst I knew that early experience would be ideal for my career More

  • Jay Singh's Career Journey 9 May 2018

    Hi, my name is Jay Singh and I am a penultimate year Commerce student. My one and a half years at university has been enjoyable, challenging and most importantly, filled with learning opportunities. I would love to share my career journey with you and hopefully do some reflecting of my own. I was constantly told during my first weeks of university that my three years here would really feel like More

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MBA Blog

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Marketing Matters

Latest Posts

  • Coca-Cola has launched its first alcoholic drink 7 Jun 2018

    Coca-Cola is the most iconic non-alcoholic beverages brand, which included refreshing cola, energy drink and tea, etc. It stayed away from alcoholic for 132 years, and it broken the tradition on 28 May. The company’s first alcoholic drink is Lemon Do, a lemon-flavoured Chu-Hi drink released in Kyushu Japan.  Chu-Hi is a local drink which contains 3% to 8% alcohol. Chu-Hi contains vodka or ... Read More

  • How brands are getting involved in the Royal Wedding 24 May 2018

    The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been the hot topic around the world. Even marketers are getting involved in the wedding of the year.  Marketing Matters have you covered. Here are some brands that have seized the royal wedding trend. IKEA IKEA understands those single ladies’ are feeling heartbroken of the royal wedding. The brand posted a witty social media post with ... Read More

  • The Sleep Revolution by Somnium Lab 17 May 2018

    University of Sydney Business School students make a revolution to pillow business with the solution to neck pain and optimise sleep. Somnium Lab with the title of champion of the 2017 Student Challenge at Innovation Week has launched a Kickstarter for MuTu Pillow. A former Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies student Tycho Hugh and biomedical engineering PhD candidate Suri Susilo founded ... Read More

  • In the Age of Digital Content is King 10 May 2018

    In the digital age, there’s a saying that goes, ‘Content is King.’ And you know what? It’s not wrong. Besides from social and and online ads, which have both grown by around 70% in the last year, content has also seen a increase in use of 62% and is predicted to only grow in the future. So besides being a key aspect of digital marketing, having the skills to write content or a blog will ... Read More

  • What the Cambridge Analytica scandal teaches marketers about data privacy 3 May 2018

    What do customers’ needs mean for marketers? Marketers rely on data to target users with ads. Does that mean your customers want targeted advertising rather than their privacy? The Cambridge Analytica scandal reveals that data leakage has become a marketing practice. Mark Zuckerberg appears before the committees of the US Congress (Image source: The Guardian) Professor Mark Ritson reminds ... Read More

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ITLS Thinking outside the box

These short pieces focus on transport and logistics topics of currency that are likely to be challenging and controversial – hence the titling of the series Thinking outside the box. It has all the elements of critical thinking and the challenge of change.

Professor David Hensher, Director, ITLS

Latest Posts

  • Guess what - I actually like driving my car! 08 Aug 2018

    David A. Hensher

    The interest in autonomous cars in both the popular, industry and academic literatures is becoming overwhelming. Read more

  • Refocussing Benefit-Cost Analysis: Start with a Budget 16 Jul 2018

    David A. Hensher

    It is common practice in Benefit-Cost analysis (BCA) in the transport sector to pre-define a corridor where future investments may be attractive, and to undertake a formal appraisal on a few selected options. But what if we started with a given budget spend for the project instead of allowing that to vary across project options? Read more

  • The final race for WestConnex 19 Jun 2018

    Martin Locke

    Recent press reports have indicated that the shortlisted bidders for the 51% equity stake in Sydney Motorway Corporation (“SMC”) being sold by the NSW Government, are now in the process of preparing final binding bids scheduled for the second half of July. Read more

  • Abuse of private financing 15 May 2018

    Martin Locke

    Does the demise of the UK Private Finance Initiative (PFI) suggest where the Australian PPP market is headed? How applicable are the findings of the recently published UK National Audit Office report on PFI for Australian PPPs? Read more

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