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Business School in the Media

  • Australian employers offering unlimited leave, Lego rooms and onsite boxing 20 Sep 2018

    ABC Online

    Staff Member: Susan McGrath-Champ

    ABC Online quoted Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ from the Business School about Australian business offering wellbeing incentives to their staff.

  • The highs and lows of retail investing 18 Sep 2018

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Joshua Della Vedova, Andrew Grant and Joakim Westerholm

    Australian Financial Review reported on a new study by Joshua Della Vedova, Dr Andrew Grant and Associate Professor Joakim Westerholm from the Business School that compared institutional investors with retail investors.

  • Australia reports rise in workplace sexual harassment 12 Sep 2018

    Financial Times

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Financial Times (UK) quoted Professor Marian Baird about the Australian Human Rights Commission’s fourth survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

  • Celebrities paid big bucks to motivate public servants 12 Sep 2018

    Daily Telegraph

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Daily Telegraph quoted Professor Baird about public sector businesses spending money on motivational speakers.

  • What will happen to Alibaba without Jack Ma? 12 Sep 2018

    SBS Mandarin

    Staff Member: Quan Gan

    SBS Radio Mandarin interviewed Dr Quan Gan from the Business School about Jack Ma's plans to step down as executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

  • What you’re really saying when you call a woman ‘nice’ 12 Sep 2018

    Nine Honey

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    Nine Honey quoted Professor Rae Cooper about gendered language in the workplace.

  • Women's wages target of union plan 12 Sep 2018

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Sydney Morning Herald quoted Professor Marian Baird about the Australian Council of Trade Unions looking to target gender pay parity.

  • Will Chinese money be safe in the US? 12 Sep 2018

    SBS Radio Mandarin

    Staff Member: Quan Gan

    SBS Radio Mandarin spoke to Dr Quan Gan from the Business School about Chinese money in the US.

  • Angela Knox on ABC Radio Sydney 07 Sep 2018

    Staff Member: Angela Knox

    ABC Radio Sydney interviewed Associate Professor Angela Knox from the Business School about whether working while commuting should count as overtime.

  • Beijing Summit has won wide acclaim from the international community 05 Sep 2018

    Eastmoney (China)

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Eastmoney (China) quoted Professor Hans Hendrischke from the Business School about China’s position as a global economic driver and its potential influence in Africa.

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