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Business School in the Media

  • Canberra light rail: Fast track to the future or start of new set of problems? 27 Nov 2015

    ABC News Canberra

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton and Corinne Mulley

    Dr Geoffrey Clifton and Professor Corinne Mulley were interviewed on ABC News Canberra about the perception of and investment in light rail in relation to a rapid transit system proposed for Canberra.

  • Bosses fail to set good example as gender pay gap remains stubbornly high 26 Nov 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Professor Marian Baird was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald about flexible work options to support more women in leadership roles.

  • Big changes coming to shopping 25 Nov 2015

    Staff Member: John Buchanan

    Professor John Buchanan was quoted on about the recommendation to deregulate the government-run human services sector in response to the Harper review of Australia's competition laws.

  • Man periods, trans roles, and are offices making you dumb? 24 Nov 2015

    SBS 2 The Feed

    Staff Member: Angela Knox

    Associate Professor Angela Knox was interviewed on SBS2's The Feed about her research on the impact of different workplace environments on productivity.

  • Corporations and climate change 22 Nov 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Christopher Wright

    Professor Christopher Wright was interviewed on Radio National about the connection between business and climate change in the lead up to the Paris Climate Talks.

  • Look beyond the obvious when picking a university course 19 Nov 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    Associate Professor Rae Cooper was quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald article about how to combine a high school passion with university study, and why commerce could be an ideal degree for students who excel in English.

  • Wages rise at the lowest level in nearly 20 years 18 Nov 2015

    ABC Radio National PM

    Staff Member: John Buchanan

    Radio National PM interviewed Professor John Buchanan about recent figures that have been released showing wage increases are at their lowest in nearly 20 years.

  • Profit over planet: capitalism and creative self-destruction 18 Nov 2015

    2SER FM

    Staff Member: Christopher Wright

    Professor Christopher Wright was interviewed on 2SER FM about the nexus between capitalism and climate change.

  • Airline and bank loyalty programs under a cloud 18 Nov 2015

    ABC News

    Staff Member: Tony Webber

    Associate Professor Tony Webber was interviewed on ABC News about Qantas' earnings from its loyalty program over a five year period.

  • Cultural diversity - the competitive edge 16 Nov 2015

    ABC Radio National Drive

    Staff Member: Dimitria Groutsis and Diane Van Den Broek

    Radio National Drive interviewed Dr Dimitria Groutsis and Dr Diane Van Den Broek about their study on the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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