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Business School in the Media

  • Plan to build thousands of new homes triggers concern over Sydney's transport 26 Apr 2017

    Xinhua (China), (China), Sina (China) and Asia Pacific Daily (Hong Kong)

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Xinhua (China), (China), Sina (China) and Asia Pacific Daily (Hong Kong) quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton about the NSW transport department refusing to support a draft plan to create thousands of new homes in Sydney's northern beaches.

  • How not to waste your waste: pop-up repair stores 26 Apr 2017

    Alt Media

    Staff Member: Ulku Yuksel

    Dr Ulku Yuksel was quoted by Alt Media about NSW household waste and recycling habits.

  • What if: an ice-free Arctic 2027 24 Apr 2017

    Sydney Business Insights

    Staff Member: Christopher Wright

    Professor Christopher Wright was interviewed on Sydney Business Insights about what an ice free Arctic Earth might look like in 2027 if we pursue our current business as usual.

  • Can too many options annoy guests? 23 Apr 2017

    AccomNews and TravelTalk

    Staff Member: Ulku Yuksel and Nguyen (Beo) Thai

    AccomNews and TravelTalk published articles about research by Dr Ulku Yuksel and Dr Nguyen Thai (International Business) which found that travellers are more likely to be dissatisfied with their choice of holiday if they have multiple destination options.

  • The one top-earning job that pays women more than men 22 Apr 2017

    The Newcastle Herald

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Professor Marian Baird was quoted in The Newcastle Herald about the top-earning jobs in Australia and corresponding gender disparities.

  • Are the 457 visa reforms an illusion act? 22 Apr 2017

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday Age, and Canberra Times

    Staff Member: Chris F. Wright

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday Age, Canberra Times and articles syndicated in regional newspapers quoted Dr Chris F. Wright about his research on the use of the 457 visas in the hospitality industry.

  • The Future, This Week 21 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017

    Sydney Business Insights

    Staff Member: Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer

    Dr Sandra Peter and Professor Kai Riemer discussed Amazon coming to Australia on Sydney Business Insight's The Future This Week.

  • Antony Ting on ABC TV 21 Apr 2017

    ABC TV

    Staff Member: Antony Ting

    Associate Professor Antony Ting was interviewed on ABC TV (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Hobart) about the Federal Court rejecting an appeal by Chevron to repay over $300 million in corporate tax.

  • Blockchain could cut real estate costs by streamlining transactions 21 Apr 2017

    Stuff (NZ)

    Staff Member: Danika Wright (New Zealand) quoted Dr Danika Wright about the impact of new technologies, including blockchain, on the New Zealand property market.

  • Sanral looks to toll alternatives 21 Apr 2017

    Business Day

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Professor David Hensher was quoted by Business Day (South Africa) about alternatives to e-tolls to fund road construction in South Africa.

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