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Business School in the Media

  • Research shows bilingual workers under increased stress 17 Jul 2015

    SBS TV World News

    Staff Member: Stefan Volk

    Dr Stefan Volk was interviewed by SBS TV World News about his research into the impact on stress levels and mental performance caused by speaking two languages at work.

  • Jamie Alcock on 3AW Melbourne 17 Jul 2015

    3AW Melbourne

    Staff Member: Jamie Alcock

    Associate Professor Jamie Alcock was interviewed on 3AW Melbourne about negative gearing and comments made by the RBA.

  • Marian Baird on Five AA Adelaide 16 Jul 2015

    Five AA Adelaide

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Professor Marian Baird was interviewed by Five AA Adelaide about factors contributing to happiness, specifically gender and unemployment.

  • MH17 anniversary: Little change in air safety since plane shot down 16 Jul 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Sydney Morning Herald and The Age quoted Dr Rico Merkert in an article about how there has been little change in air safety, one year on from the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 tragedy.

  • Angela Knox on 2HC Coffs Harbour 16 Jul 2015

    2HC Coffs Harbour

    Staff Member: Angela Knox

    Associate Professor Angela Knox was interviewed on 2HC Coffs Harbour about age discrimination in the workplace.

  • Michael Rafferty on 2SER FM 15 Jul 2015

    2SER FM

    Staff Member: Michael Rafferty

    2SER FM interviewed Dr Michael Rafferty about the Federal Government's proposal to increase the age at which one can access the pension.

  • Call to manage emotional efforts at work 13 Jul 2015

    Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Daily Advertiser and AAP Newswire

    Staff Member: Anya Johnson

    Dr Anya Johnson is quoted in an article about emotional labour and the emotional effort employees make when interacting with customers, clients or patients.

  • What's emotional labour syndrome? 13 Jul 2015

    ABC (Radio National, 891 Adelaide, 774 Melbourne, NewsRadio), Sky Business, 6PR Perth

    Staff Member: Anya Johnson

    Dr Anya Johnson was interviewed by ABC about a University of Sydney study which found links between high levels of emotional labour and stress-related disorders.

  • Fact check: Do nine in 10 Australians spend more than 90 minutes a day commuting? 10 Jul 2015

    ABC News

    Staff Member: Chinh Ho

    Dr Chinh Ho was quoted by ABC News Fact Check about commuting time in Sydney and how it has changed over the last decade.

  • Small investors hit hardest by unravelling Chinese share market, expert says 10 Jul 2015

    ABC The World Today

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke was interviewed on ABC The World Today about the Chinese economy following the recent share market collapse.

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