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Business School in the Media

  • Uber wants to help Australians catch the bus on time 26 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Mashable (US) quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies about Uber's collaboration with TripGo to aid commuters catching public transport.

  • Rae Cooper on BBC (China) 26 Sep 2016

    BBC (China)

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    BBC (China) quoted Dr Rae Cooper about flexible working conditions.

  • Funeral industry in fight for cremations as bodies sent interstate 25 Sep 2016

    The AgeSydney Morning Herald, WA Today, Canberra Times and Brisbane Times

    Staff Member: Sandra Van Der Laan

    The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today, Canberra Times and Brisbane Times quoted Professor Sandra Van Der Laan about the funeral sector, in relation to a story about cremation costs.

  • Gender inequality: Women entering jobs today will work 4 years more than males over a lifetime 23 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    Professor Marian Baird was quoted on ABC (Online) about how women do more unpaid work in the community and in the household than men.

  • Long way for Samsung to rebuild customer loyalty in Australia 23 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Rohan Miller

    Dr Rohan Miller was quoted by CCTV (China) about the need for Samsung to rebuild its customer loyalty in Australia since its large-scale smartphone recall.

  • Business Briefing: we’re overusing and underestimating ‘disruption 21 Sep 2016

    The Conversation

    Staff Member: Kai Riemer

    Professor Kai Riemer was interviewed on The Conversation's podcast, Business Briefing, about the use of the term 'disruption'.

  • Rohan Miller on ABC News 24 17 Sep 2016

    ABC News 24 (Weekend Breakfast)

    Staff Member: Rohan Miller

    Dr Rohan Miller was interviewed on ABC News 24’s Weekend Breakfast about advertisements regarding the marriage equality plebiscite and the implications for broadcasters.

  • Sydney Uni's degree in the world's top 50 16 Sep 2016

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Philip Seltsikas

    The Australian Financial Review reported the University of Sydney Business School’s Master of Management has been named in the world’s top 50 in the Financial Times rankings. Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas was quoted.

  • Rohan Miller on 2UE Sydney 14 Sep 2016

    2UE Sydney

    Staff Member: Rohan Miller

    2UE Sydney interviewed Dr Rohan Miller about former High Court Judge Ian Callinan’s review of the NSW Government’s lockout laws.

  • Executive bonuses: British fund manager Woodford axes 'largely ineffective' payouts 14 Sep 2016

    ABC (News 24, 666 Canberra, online)

    Staff Member: John Shields

    Professor John Shields was interviewed on ABC (News 24, 666 Canberra, Online) about the lack of evidence supporting the theory that executive bonuses contribute to performance at work.

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