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Business School in the Media

  • Robert Walker on 702 ABC Sydney 03 Mar 2015

    702 ABC Sydney and ABC (Mid North Coast)

    Staff Member: Robert Walker

    Professor Bob Walker was interviewed on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC (Mid North Coast) about the financial implications of the Baird Government's plan to sell off the state's electricity polls and wires.

  • Use of electrical vehicles 03 Mar 2015

    2MCE Orange

    Staff Member: Stephen Greaves

    Professor Stephen Greaves is interviewed on 2MCE Orange about the use of electrical vehicles and mentions the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies is hosting a seminar on the topic.

  • John Buchanan on 720 ABC Perth 03 Mar 2015

    720 ABC Perth

    Staff Member: John Buchanan

    Professor John Buchanan was interviewed on 720 ABC Perth about the implications of good working conditions in Australia.

  • What the world needs now is infrastructure investment 02 Mar 2015

    In The Black

    Staff Member: Matthew Beck

    Senior Lecture in Infrastructure Management, Matthew Beck, is quoted in an In The Black article about global infrastructure investment projects.

  • Shoppers play safe with food from Oz 28 Feb 2015

    The Daily Telegraph and Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

    Staff Member: Rohan Miller

    Dr Rohan Miller is quoted in an article about the shift towards food labelling focusing on Australian-made products in the wake of an outbreak of hepatitis A which has been linked to frozen mixed berries.

  • Mike Baird accused of trying to disguise profitability of electricity businesses to make sale politically palatable 26 Feb 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Robert Walker

    Emeritus Professor Robert Walker is quoted in an article about the privitisation of the state's electricity assets.

  • The myth that everyone naturally prefers trains to buses 23 Feb 2015

    The Atlantic City Lab

    Staff Member: David Hensher and Corinne Mulley

    A study into the preference of modern bus rapid transit service and modern light rail transport by Professor David Hensher and Professor Corinne Mulley is mentioned in an article published by the Atlantic City Lab.

  • Oil price turbulence for Air NZ 23 Feb 2015


    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Dr Rico Merkert is quoted in an article about Air New Zealand's fuel price hedging strategy.

  • The future of home ownership 22 Feb 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Michael Rafferty

    Dr Michael Rafferty is interviewed on ABC Radio National about home ownership for future generations in Australia.

  • The Anti-Princess Club: Writer mum creates girls' book series minus the princesses 22 Feb 2015

    The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun

    Staff Member: Rosina McAlpine-Mladenovic

    Associate Professor Rosina McAlpine-Mladenovic is interviewed for a story about a balanced approach to parenting in the context of breaking gender stereotypes.

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