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Business School in the Media

  • Job sharing, how can we improve it? 26 Aug 2015

    ABC (702 Sydney, Far North)

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    Associate Professor Rae Cooper was interviewed on ABC (702 Sydney, Far North) about new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on gender equity in the workplace and the issue of job sharing.

  • Fear, greed, panic: what makes us sell? 25 Aug 2015

    AAP Newswire

    Staff Member: David Johnstone

    Professor David Johnstone was quoted in AAP Newswire about new investors' reaction to the Australian stock market following a fall in China.

  • What's the latest workplace stress? 24 Aug 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

    Staff Member: Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen

    The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age reported Dr Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen have conducted research on a form of workplace stress called emotional labour and its impact on employees.

  • John Stanley on ABC News 24 24 Aug 2015

    ABC News 24

    Staff Member: John Stanley

    Adjunct Professor John Stanley was interviewed on ABC News 24 about how the housing, transport and infrastructure sectors are under increasing demand due to rapid population growth.

  • Rico Merkert on NBN and WIN 24 Aug 2015

    NBN News and WIN

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Dr Rico Merkert was interviewed on NBN and WIN about Qantas replacing a number of their 747 planes with eight new 787 Dreamliners.

  • Private Prisons carry risks of hidden costs 21 Aug 2015

    The West Australian

    Staff Member: Jane Andrew and Max Baker

    The West Australian published an opinion piece by Associate Professor Jane Andrew and Dr Max Baker in an article about the hidden costs of private prisons.

  • Business chamber slams plan to wind back paid parental leave 21 Aug 2015

    The Australian

    The Australian mentioned a study from the Women and Work Group which analysed the impact of changes to the paid parental leave scheme on nurses, teachers and retail workers.

  • Qantas announces it will buy eight Boeing Dreamliners on back of $975 million pre-tax profit 20 Aug 2015

    Channel 9 News and NBN

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Channel 9 News and NBN interviewed Dr Rico Merkert about Qantas' plan for eight new 787 Dreamliners following a $505 million cash return for shareholders.

  • Geoffrey Clifton on 9 News 19 Aug 2015

    9 News

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Dr Geoffrey Clifton was interviewed about transport planners in NSW using information from Opal cards to determine commuters' traveling behaviours.

  • Senate delivers first report of inquiry into corporate tax avoidance 19 Aug 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Antony Ting

    ABC Radio National interviewed Associate Professor Antony Ting about the first report from the Federal Government inquiry into corporate tax avoidance and recommendations made in the report.

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