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Business School in the Media

  • The Future, This Week - 24 March 24 Mar 2017

    Sydney Business Insights

    Staff Member: Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer

    Dr Sandra Peter and Professor Kai Riemer discussed why the hard questions go unanswered, the road for self-driving cars seems rockier than we thought, and robolawyers, on Sydney Business Insight's The Future This Week.

  • This is the paid parental leave Australian families need 24 Mar 2017

    60 Minutes

    Staff Member: Marian Baird

    60 Minutes on Channel 9 interviewed Professor Marian Baird about fathers accessing paid parental leave schemes in Australia and Sweden.

  • This formula predicts how open cities are to ride-sharing 24 Mar 2017

    Mashable (US), Yahoo! (UK, India)

    Staff Member: Matthew Beck

    Mashable (US) and Yahoo! (UK, India) quoted Dr Matthew Beck from the Institute of Transport and Logistics about a formula for predicting how open cities are to ride-sharing.

  • A drop, an ocean, a friendship and a world 23 Mar 2017

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Australian Financial Review quoted Professor Hans Hendrischke about foreign investment in the Australian resources sector.

  • Apple paid no tax in New Zealand for at least a decade, reports say 23 Mar 2017

    The Guardian

    Staff Member: Antony Ting

    Associate Professor Antony Ting was quoted in The Guardian about the issue of international tax avoidance, particularly in relation to multinationals including Apple.

  • Don’t rule out Australia enforcing a modified electronics ban on flights 22 Mar 2017

    The New Daily

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    The New Daily interviewed Professor Rico Merkert on the merits of banning laptops on flights.

  • John Buchanan on ABC Radio 21 Mar 2017

    ABC Radio (Sydney)

    Staff Member: John Buchanan

    ABC Radio Sydney interviewed Professor John Buchanan about the issue of split shifts in the public transport sector.

  • Michiel Bliemer on ABC Radio Sydney 21 Mar 2017

    ABC Radio (Sydney)

    Staff Member: Michiel Bliemer

    Professor Michiel Bliemer was interviewed on ABC Radio Sydney about the history of Australian road tolls and whether tolling has relieved traffic congestion.

  • Danika Wright on ABC News 24 21 Mar 2017

    ABC News 24

    Staff Member: Danika Wright

    ABC News 24 interviewed Dr Danika Wright about the influence of foreign investment in the Australian property market.

  • Underemployment skyrockets to 1.1 million Australians 20 Mar 2017

    Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times

    Staff Member: John Buchanan

    Professor John Buchanan was quoted about new Australian Bureau of Statistics data on levels of underemployment, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times.

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