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Business School in the Media

  • Australia leads US in female representation on boards 04 Oct 2016

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper and Marian Baird

    The Australian Financial Review quoted Professor Marian Baird in regards to a United States Studies Centre report, co-authored by Associate Professor Rae Cooper, that shows Australia has surpassed the US in female labour force participation.

  • Hans Hendrischke on Phoenix Television (China) 30 Sep 2016

    Phoenix Television (China)

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke was interviewed on Phoenix Television (China) about Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping in September.

  • Older Australians can use technology for independence, connection: expert 28 Sep 2016

    Australian Ageing Agenda

    Staff Member: Mike Seymour

    Mike Seymour was quoted by Australian Ageing Agenda about how technology, such as virtual reality, may help ageing Australians gain independence and connection.

  • Inspiring an audience to action: How to give a motivational presentation 28 Sep 2016

    Women's Agenda

    Staff Member: Zina O'Leary

    Women’s Agenda published an article by Dr Zina O’Leary about recommendations for delivering a motivational presentation.

  • How to get men to be flexible 26 Sep 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and the Canberra Times

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    Associate Professor Rae Cooper was quoted in the Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald and Age about her new research that found middle management often shy away from implementing flexible work arrangements and the beliefs that underpin this attitude.

  • Rae Cooper on BBC (China) 26 Sep 2016

    BBC (China)

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    BBC (China) quoted Dr Rae Cooper about flexible working conditions.

  • Adrian Ellison on ABC Radio (Darwin) and SYN 90.7 26 Sep 2016

    ABC Radio (Darwin), SYN 90.7

    Staff Member: Adrian Ellison

    Adrian Ellison was interviewed by ABC Radio Darwin and SYN 90.7 about how technology needs to be improved to increase pedestrian road safety.

  • Uber wants to help Australians catch the bus on time 26 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Mashable (US) quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies about Uber's collaboration with TripGo to aid commuters catching public transport.

  • Funeral industry in fight for cremations as bodies sent interstate 25 Sep 2016

    The AgeSydney Morning Herald, WA Today, Canberra Times and Brisbane Times

    Staff Member: Sandra Van Der Laan

    The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today, Canberra Times and Brisbane Times quoted Professor Sandra Van Der Laan about the funeral sector, in relation to a story about cremation costs.

  • Long way for Samsung to rebuild customer loyalty in Australia 23 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Rohan Miller

    Dr Rohan Miller was quoted by CCTV (China) about the need for Samsung to rebuild its customer loyalty in Australia since its large-scale smartphone recall.

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