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Business School in the Media

  • Tax overhaul could spark 'global revenue war' 07 Oct 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Antony Ting

    Associate Professor Antony Ting was interviewed on Radio National's Breakfast program about the government's strategy to halt multinational tax avoidance and the OECD's 15-point plan.

  • Tax-dodging multinationals old, rich and high-profile, research finds 07 Oct 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Shumi Akhtar

    The Australian Financial Review also quoted Dr Shumi Akhtar in an article about common characteristics of multinationals that commit tax evasion.

  • David Hensher on Drive 666 ABC Canberra 06 Oct 2015

    666 ABC Canberra

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Professor David Hensher was interviewed on 666 ABC Canberra's Drive program about Sydney's light rail construction and the impact this may have on congestion.

  • Big business must put 'planet over profit' 06 Oct 2015

    Sky News Business

    Staff Member: Christopher Wright

    Sky News Business interviewed Professor Christopher Wright about his new book 'Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations' and how companies need to prioritise the planet over profit.

  • 'Greening' the economy won't stop climate change 05 Oct 2015

    ABC Radio National Drive

    Staff Member: Christopher Wright

    Professor Christopher Wright was interviewed on ABC Radio National about the launch of his new book 'Capitalism, Climate Change and Corporations'.

  • The business of helping the poor for profit 04 Oct 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Ranjit Voola

    Associate Professor Ranjit Voola was interviewed on ABC Radio National's Sunday Extra about how investing in the world's poor is the way forward for business.

  • Chinese Whispers 01 Oct 2015

    Qantas Magazine

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke was quoted in the Qantas Magazine about how Chinese businesses operate and the opportunities for Australia within the market.

  • Conscious capitalism 01 Oct 2015

    Acuity Magazine

    Staff Member: Anna Young-Ferris

    Anna Young-Ferris is quoted in an article about implementing conscious capitalism principles in corporations.

  • Case study: Can ESG factors really be captured like financial data? 01 Oct 2015

    Principles of Responsible Investment RI Quarterly

    Staff Member: John Roberts and Anna Young-Ferris

    Principles of Responsible Investment RI Quarterly featured research by Professor John Roberts and Dr Anna Young-Ferris that examines whether ESG factors can be captured like financial data.

  • Hans Hendrischke on Sky News 30 Sep 2015

    Sky News

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke was interviewed on Sky News about the Australian stock exchange and international anxiety over the health of China's economy.

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