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Business School in the Media

  • Hans Hendrischke in Xinhua (China) 29 Nov 2016

    Xinhua (China)

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Professor Hans Hendrischke was quoted in Xinhua (China) about China’s reform of state-owned enterprises.

  • Not asking for it 28 Nov 2016

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Rae Cooper

    Associate Professor Rae Cooper was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age about her research on customer-perpetrated sexual harassment in the service sector.

  • How we'll drive into the future 25 Nov 2016

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Chinh Ho

    The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Postdoctoral Research Fellow Chinh Ho about whether the motoring trends of 2016 will still exist in ten years and discussed ride-sharing services such as Uber.

  • Race to the bottom on company tax cuts won’t stop tax avoidance 25 Nov 2016

    The Conversation, Smart Company

    Staff Member: Antony Ting

    The Conversation and Smart Company published an article by Associate Professor Antony Ting that argues Donald Trump's planned cuts to company taxes will not prevent tax avoidance.

  • Air travel: The emerging trends travellers should know about 23 Nov 2016


    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Professor Rico Merkert from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies was quoted in a feature published in the Traveller section of the Saturday Age and Sydney Morning Herald about trends in the modern Australian aviation market.

  • Chinese international expansion encounters obstacles 19 Nov 2016

    Yahoo! (Spain)

    Staff Member: Hans Hendrischke

    Yahoo! (Spain) quoted Professor Hans Hendrischke about Chinese investment in Australia.

  • Reasons for increasing numbers of engineers in upper echelons around the World 18 Nov 2016

    The Engineer

    Staff Member: Bo Nielsen

    Professor Bo Nielsen, IBUS, was interviewed for the Danish newspaper “The Engineer” on the reasons for increasing numbers of engineers in upper echelons around the World. His comments suggested that while we may see more engineers in the C-suite, this may be due to the human capital of the individuals as a function of their education, experiences and social and psychological traits rather than simply because engineers are more “rational” thinking individuals.

  • Big incentives are great for CEOs but can cause fear and anxiety for staff 18 Nov 2016

    Business Insider

    Staff Member: Wai Fong Chua

    Professor Wai Fong Chua was quoted in Business Insider about her research that found ambitious corporate incentive schemes and performance goals can cause a negative impact on productivity.

  • Maria Jofre on Radio National 16 Nov 2016

    ABC Radio National Science Show

    Staff Member: Maria Jofre

    Maria Jofre was interviewed on Radio National’s The Science Show about the mathematics of criminal behaviour in business.

  • DIY fund trustees fly blind without returns objective 16 Nov 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Canberra Times and Bendigo Advertiser

    Staff Member: Susan Thorp

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Bendigo Advertiser and Canberra Times quoted Professor Susan Thorp about her study on performance and benchmarks of superannuation funds.

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