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  • The benefits and beneficiaries of urban tollroad expansion 03 Mar 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Christopher Standen

    After a nine-month investigation into the WestConnex tollroad, the Auditor-General has found the Commonwealth Government committed billions of taxpayers’ money to the scheme without appropriate advice. He also indicated that the funding did not provide value for money for taxpayers, and did not protect the government’s financial interests. These findings raise the question: if the scheme is a bad deal for taxpayers, then exactly whom does it benefit? Read more

  • I can't wait to get my Ls! A Perspective on High School Travel 09 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Stephen Greaves

    Last week marked the end of the school holidays in Sydney and a resumption for many of frustrating levels of congestion as the 'school-run' resumed. Well over half of school children were driven, which is roughly double the levels when many of their parents would have been attending school, 25-30 years ago. How have we arrived at this situation and what can we do? Read more

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Implications for Future Transport Systems 02 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By David Hensher, Chinh Ho and Richard Ellison

    The rapid development of autonomous vehicles (AV) has prompted considerable speculation on how these vehicles will ‘revolutionise’ the future of cities’ transport systems. It has been suggested that a large-scale adoption of AV would lead to safer roads, congestion-free cities and more public spaces as vehicles can be shared, and hence fewer parking spaces are needed. However, it is far from clear if these visions are likely to be realised and what this might imply for the future transport networks and policy agendas. Read more

  • Feasibility of increasing volumetric load of freight heavy vehicles 09 Dec 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Mary Chiang

    The National Transport Commission (NTC) recently published an issues paper on increasing heavy vehicle (HV) volumetric load capacity without increasing mass limits in an effort to increase the productivity of road freight.  The NTC paper identified a number of key issues that require further consideration and resolution prior to developing a national policy for introducing higher productivity vehicles (HPVs) onto Australian roads. Read more

  • The crisis in the container shipping industry and its resolution 01 Nov 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Michael Bell

    The recent bankruptcy of the world’s seventh largest container carrier, Hanjin Shipping, has sent shock waves through global supply chains. Read more

  • Self-drive motor vehicles lack sex appeal and a great deal more 01 Oct 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Matthew Beck

    The self-driving car is often presented as the transportation technology of the future. But there remain many physical barriers to these vehicles and, for the average driver, a lot of psychological ones too. If these barriers are not overcome, the self-drive vehicle is destined for the same fate as electric car which has less than 2% of the market to show for 30 years of expensive research. Read more

  • Pedestrian safety needs to catch up to technology and put people before cars 26 Sep 2016

    The Conversation

    By Adrian Ellison

    Adrian Ellison co-authored an opinion piece for The Conversation about how technology needs to be improved to increase pedestrian road safety. Read more

  • A study of Kuhnian philosophy brings lessons on management style 12 Sep 2016

    Financial Times

    By Gregory Whitwell

    Dean of the Business School, Professor Gregory Whitwell, authored an opinion piece for the Financial Times about how Kuhnian philosophy can shift ideas about traditional management theories. Read more

  • How to best support innovation: through autonomy or collaboration? 07 Sep 2016

    First 5000

    By Gaia Grant

    Gaia Grant co-authored an opinion piece for First 5000 on how innovation can be supported in business. Read more

  • Is innovation overrated? Here is how to separate myths from facts 04 Sep 2016

    Human Resources Media

    By Gaia Grant

    Gaia Grant authored an opinion piece for Human Resources Media on the hype surrounding innovation in business. Read more

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