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  • Flexible work doesn't mean slacking off 19 Jan 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Brisbane Times

    By Ella Hafermalz

    PhD Candidate Ella Hafermalz authored an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Brisbane Times about flexibility in the workplace. Read more

  • New South Wales Cycling Laws: One pedal forward, two pedals back 15 Jan 2016

    By Stephen Greaves

    As most New South Wales residents were finalising their Christmas holiday plans, the NSW state government unveiled a package of regulations designed to 'help drivers, bicycle riders and pedestrians Go Together safely'. Read more

  • Joking your way to the top: why laughter is the best medicine for stressed executives 04 Jan 2016

    The Conversation

    By Jane LĂȘJane Le

    Dr Jane Le authored an opinion piece published in the Conversation about research into why humour in the workplace is beneficial. Read more

  • Private prison operators still hide from scrutiny, despite reform 17 Dec 2015

    The Conversation

    By Jane Andrew, Max Baker and Philip Roberts

    The Conversation published an opinion piece authored by Associate Professor Jane Andrew, Dr Max Baker and Philip Roberts about the recent final report of Economic Regulation Authority into the efficiency and performance of Western Australian prisons. Read more

  • The role of human behaviour in supply chain decision-making 14 Dec 2015

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    By Behnam Fahimnia

    The basic assumptions in supply chain decision tools and models are that the objectives and criteria are known in full, that they are quantifiable and prioritisable, and that a decision maker is perfectly rational and consistent. In practice, these are unrealistic assumptions. Read more

  • Business emerges as the focal point for dealing with climate change 12 Dec 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    By Mark Burrows

    Mark Burrows AO authored a piece, published in the Australian Financial Review, on the need for business to not only act as facilitators of progress in the climate change response, but also accelerators of technical innovation and a driver for government action, following the Global Landscapes Forum held in Paris, December 2015. Read more

  • The warning in your smartphone 11 Dec 2015

    Food for Thought - Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

    By Anna Young-Ferris

    When a mobile device is switched on, it is constantly pulsing an electromagnetic and radiation-laden signal. As it is common practice to keep our smartphone in a pocket and then answer it holding it close to your head, the human body is absorbing this radiation with the potential to damage living cells in our bodies. Unfortunately, the current standard for acceptable levels of radiation exposure from mobile devices is nearly two decades old and is set based on outmoded measure of what it takes to heat a large adult male brain. Read more

  • In the business of ideas on climate, Australia has plenty to offer 04 Dec 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    By Mark Burrows

    Mark Burrows AO authored a piece, published in the Australian Financial Review, on what Australia can contribute to issues of climate change, in light of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, November - December 2015. Read more

  • The way we justify investments in road projects like WestConnex doesn't add up 02 Dec 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    By Christopher Standen

    The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Christopher Standen about how the economy might benefit from the NSW Government's significant investment in the WestConnex project. Read more

  • Border 'obsession' opens door to workplace slavery 02 Dec 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times

    By Stephen ClibbornStephen Clibborn

    Dr Stephen Clibborn co-authored an article which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times, arguing that Australia needs to rethink its response to modern slavery, taking in the broader spectrum of labour exploitation. Read more

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