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  • Recycling rules: carnival of coal is a blast from the PR past 10 Aug 2015

    The Conversation

    By Christopher Wright

    Professor Christopher Wright co-authored an article in The Conversation about the Australian coal industry and its connection to state politics. Read more

  • Enterprise contracts echo ‘take it or leave it’ world of WorkChoices 05 Aug 2015

    The Conversation

    By John Buchanan

    Professor John Buchanan authored an article in The Conversation about the Productivity Commission’s draft report on workplace relations and the issue of workplace relations reform. Read more

  • Greece shows compassion to migrants while Australia stops the boats 27 Jul 2015

    The Age

    By Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek

    Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek co-authored an opinion piece in The Age about the treatment of asylum seekers in Greece. Read more

  • Busting the five myths about negative gearing 19 Jul 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    By Jamie Alcock

    Associate Professor Jamie Alcock authored an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald about the significance of the Reserve Bank of Australia entering the debate on negative gearing. Read more

  • Strategic mindset can fend off Greek tragedy here 19 Jul 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times

    By Suresh Cuganesan

    Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times published an article by Professor Suresh Cuganesan about how a strategic approach to economic reform is vital following the Greek crisis. Read more

  • Why negative gearing is not a fair tax policy 17 Jul 2015

    The Conversation

    By Antony Ting

    The Conversation publishes an opinion piece by Associate Professor Antony Ting about how negative gearing advantages some taxpayers over others. Read more

  • Greece debt crisis: Why painful tax and pension reform is Greece's only option 17 Jul 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    By Shumi Akhtar

    Dr Shumi Akhtar discusses the Greece debt crisis in an opinion piece she authored for the Australian Financial Review. Read more

  • Police risk lives without protection of modern employment law 17 Jul 2015

    The University of Sydney Business School

    By Giuseppe Carabetta

    More than 58,000 sworn state police officers in Australia perform demanding work daily serving our community. The risk of routine activities escalating to injury or life-threatening violence with little or no warning makes officers deserving, and needing, of high level protection both in the field and at law. Yet unlike the majority of public sector workers, police have never been employees in the legal sense of the term. Read more

  • High quality strategic thinking needed to prevent Greek style challenges here 17 Jul 2015

    The University of Sydney Business School

    By Suresh Cuganesan

    As the world continues to ponder the challenges Greece faces it is time that domestically we pay more attention to Australia’s version of the same problem. Yes we do not face the prospect of a big bang default on our debt. But our problem is no less significant, resembling a slowly ticking time bomb that, if left unaddressed, will result in reduced living standards and substandard public services for future generations. Read more

  • Conscious Capitalism: a higher purpose for business? 17 Jul 2015

    The University of Sydney Business School

    By Anna Young-Ferris

    Stakeholder engagement, value creation, sustainability and responsibility have become common in the parlance of contemporary business language and even sometimes practice; however the concepts of meaning, purpose, empowerment, and dare it be said selflessness, love and spirituality are not readily associated with capitalist business, until now. John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, co-founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement, along with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Patagonia, Airbnb and a host of others, are putting human beings, creativity, innovation and social cooperation at the centre of business endeavour. Read more

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