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Gaia Grant - Newsroom articles

  • Why Good Innovation Needs The Human Touch 22 Jan 2018

    4 Hoteliers

    Gaia Grant co-authored an article for 4 Hoteliers on why good innovation “needs the human touch”.

  • From imagination to innovation 16 May 2017

    Sydney Business Insights

    Gaia Grant was interviewed on Sydney Business Insights about how organisations can imagine potential futures and other critical parts of the innovation process.

  • Gaia Grant on the CEO Edge Podcast 01 Mar 2017

    CEO Edge Podcast

    Gaia Grant was interviewed on the CEO Edge Podcast about how to achieve sustainable innovation in organisations.

  • Does Australia innovate anymore? on RN Drive 28 Nov 2016

    ABC Radio

    Gaia Grant was interviewed on ABC Radio about why Australia ranks number one on the Global Creativity Index yet only ranks 19 on the Global Innovation Index.

  • Want better innovation ideas? You need this one thing 04 Sep 2016

    The Daily Telegraph

    Gaia Grant was quoted by The Daily Telegraph on why open-plan office spaces may inhibit innovation.

  • Gaia Grant on ABC Radio (Riverland) 01 Sep 2016

    ABC Radio (Riverland)

    Gaia Grant was interviewed by Stacey Lymbery on ABC Radio (Riverland) with Andrew Grant about what it takes to ensure long term culture change for sustainable innovation.

  • The Innovation Race by Andrew and Gaia Grant 30 Aug 2016

    My Business

    My Business published a book review on 'The Innovation Race' co-authored by Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant.

  • How to motivate teams to collaborate 24 Aug 2016

    HR Daily

    Gaia Grant was quoted by HR Daily about how employers can create a workplace culture that best supports innovation.

  • Co-working may not be the answer 06 Aug 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age

    Gaia Grant co-authored an article with Andrew Grant for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age about the drawbacks of co-working office spaces.

  • Gaia Grant on Team Guru Podcast 03 Aug 2016

    Team Guru Podcasts

    Gaia Grant joined Team Guru Podcasts as a featured guest on episode 34 to discuss creativity and innovation.

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