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Corinne Mulley - Newsroom articles

  • The myth that everyone naturally prefers trains to buses 23 Feb 2015

    The Atlantic City Lab

    A study into the preference of modern bus rapid transit service and modern light rail transport by Professor David Hensher and Professor Corinne Mulley is mentioned in an article published by the Atlantic City Lab.

  • British airports hold upper hand on carbon footprint 22 Aug 2014

    The Australian

    The Australian mentions a paper co-authored by Dr Rico Merkert and Professor Corinne Mulley into the study of how to develop public ground transportation strategies to reduce carbon footprint.

  • The planning focus on cars and roads is driving our cities off the rails 17 May 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Professor Corinne Mulley in a story about town planning and public transport.

  • Your Business Day with Stuart Bocking 20 Mar 2014


    Professor Corinne Mulley was interviewed on Your Business Day on 2UE about an Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies report into road usage and registration charges.

  • Drivers prefer road tolls over registration fees 20 Mar 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    A study by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies revealed that most Australians would be prepared to pay more in road tolls if it meant paying lower vehicle registration fees.

  • Survey finds support for road charging reform 19 Mar 2014

    Australasian Transport News

    The article reports on the Institute of Transport and Logistics survey which shows thatmost Australians would support a pay-per-kilometre scheme in return for lower registration fees. Professor Corinne Mulley is quoted in the article.

  • All roads lead to city centre but bus use in Sydney rises fastest in outer suburbs 06 Mar 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald published an article about the spike in bus patronage and use in Sydney's urban fringes which quotes Dr Chinh Ho and Professor Corinne Mulley.

  • Taking responsibility for public health 22 Oct 2013

    Medical Observer

    Tackling obesity must move beyond the individual - but the corporate world is yet to step up to the plate. Professor Corinne Mulley wants Big Business to put its money where our mouths are.

  • Thousands will pay more with Opal card 12 Oct 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Tens of thousands of public transport users will pay more for trains, buses and ferries once the Opal smartcard is rolled out across the city.

  • Opal ticket system hits peak travel commuters 04 Jun 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The NSW Government's new Opal ticketing system changes will " will benefit more people than it will penalise" , says Professor Corinne Mulley in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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