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Juliette Overland - Newsroom articles

  • Insider trading cloud looms over DJs execs' share buy 31 Jan 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Questions over insider trading have been left to linger in the wake of revelations that two of David Jones's directors bought shares just days after secret merger talks occurred between the two retailers

  • Department store chain Myer proposed merger with rival David Jones 31 Jan 2014

    ABC News

    Juliette Overland was interviewed on ABC News on the speculation of a future merger which has emerged, following the revelations that Myer's proposed a merger with David Jones back in October.

  • Juliette Overland 31 Jan 2014


    Ross Greenwood speaks to Juliette Overland from the University of Sydney Business School about the Myer and David Jones merger attempt.

  • AFP head of fraud unit explains lack of prosecution success 09 Nov 2013

    Sydney Morning Herald

    As the fallout from claims of corruption continues, the two bodies in charge of enforcing bribery laws, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, have been accused of acting too slowly, and sometimes not at all, in handling cases.

  • Will John Gay's sentence for insider trading really deter others? 26 Aug 2013

    The Conversation

    Senior Lecturer Juliette Overland has had an opinion piece published at The Conversation, on the topic of the light sentence handed down to John Gay, former Chairman of Gunn's Ltd, for insider trading.

  • John Gay admits to Insider Trading 07 Aug 2013

    Radio 2GB

    2GB Radio has interviewed Dr Juliette Overland regarding the John Gay insider trading case.

  • Enforcement the Key if Law Targets Unions 09 Jul 2013

    The Australian Financial Review

    Senior Lecturer Juliette Overland has been interviewed on the topic of tough new laws to guard against union corruption.

  • Charges against former Gunns boss John Gay may test insider trading laws 24 Nov 2011

    The Conversation

    Juliette Overland, University of Sydney Business School, Discipline of Business Law, explains the significance of the Gunns insider trading case and the challenges it presents to Australia's insider-trading laws.

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