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Chinh Ho - Newsroom articles

  • Chinh Ho on 2SM Sydney 22 Sep 2017

    2SM Sydney

    2SM Sydney interviewed Dr Chinh Ho about research into Australia’s attitudes towards self-driving cars, which would contribute to traffic congestion.

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Implications for Future Transport Systems 02 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    The rapid development of autonomous vehicles (AV) has prompted considerable speculation on how these vehicles will ‘revolutionise’ the future of cities’ transport systems. It has been suggested that a large-scale adoption of AV would lead to safer roads, congestion-free cities and more public spaces as vehicles can be shared, and hence fewer parking spaces are needed. However, it is far from clear if these visions are likely to be realised and what this might imply for the future transport networks and policy agendas. Read more

  • How we'll drive into the future 25 Nov 2016

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Postdoctoral Research Fellow Chinh Ho about whether the motoring trends of 2016 will still exist in ten years and discussed ride-sharing services such as Uber.

  • Fact check: Do nine in 10 Australians spend more than 90 minutes a day commuting? 10 Jul 2015

    ABC News

    Dr Chinh Ho was quoted by ABC News Fact Check about commuting time in Sydney and how it has changed over the last decade.

  • All roads lead to city centre but bus use in Sydney rises fastest in outer suburbs 06 Mar 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald published an article about the spike in bus patronage and use in Sydney's urban fringes which quotes Dr Chinh Ho and Professor Corinne Mulley.

  • What a good city looks like 06 Apr 2011


    Dr Chinh Ho discusses the principles of planning a sustainable and livable city in an article publshed in Vietnamnet.