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Corinne Mulley - Newsroom articles

  • Restrict Sydney's concession users, says academic 19 Jul 2011

    Australasian Bus and Coach

    Professor Corinne Mulley, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney Business School has been interviewed regarding her research into public transport crowding.

  • Coming soon: travel card that tracks moves 17 Jul 2011

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald has interviewed Professor Corinne Mulley, Chair in Public Transport at the University of Sydney Business School Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, regarding her opinion that commuters should not be financiall penalised for changing their mode of transport.

  • Transport card plans are off the rails 17 Apr 2011

    Brisbane Times

    Sydney University transport professor Corinne Mulley said the new government should provide more integrated fares, allowing multi-modal travel.

  • Getting public transport right means less emphasis on trains 05 Apr 2011

    The Conversation

    Professor Corinne Mulley offers her opinion that there is too great a focus on rail when considering the needs of Australian public transport

  • Focus is on magic of rail 16 Mar 2011

    Inner West Courier

    Professor Corinne Mulley says there was far too much focus on rail and not enough on proper planning.

  • Rail Travail 07 Mar 2011

    Australasian Bus and Coach

    The focus on rail leading up to this month's NSW election doesn't consider value for money or quicker travel times for passengers, says Professor Corinne Mulley

  • O'Farrell express to victory 20 Feb 2011

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Professor Corinne Mulley says the addition of services spread out across the CityRail network should be straightforward but management may need to reconsider its focus on late running statistics.

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