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Damian Oliver - Newsroom articles

  • Damian Oliver on Triple J 10 Jun 2015

    Triple J

    Triple J interviewed Dr Damian Oliver about housing affordability for first home buyers and university graduates.

  • Teen challenge: how the young are working differently 21 Feb 2015

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Dr Damian Oliver is quoted in an article about the rise of youth unemployment.

  • Cloud of bias over graduates surveyed 23 Jul 2014

    The Australian

    The Australian reports on a pilot study led by the Business School into how satisfied employers are with graduates. Damian Oliver is quoted in the article.

  • Is there a "Gen X squeeze"? 11 Jul 2014

    Radio National Life Matters

    Dr Damian Oliver is interviewed on Radio National Life Matters about the work, family and social life factors that influence Generation X.

  • Australian business gets a good deal from the minimum wage 11 Jun 2014

    The Conversation

    The Conversation published a piece about the recent increase to Australia's national minimum wage co-authored by Damian Oliver and John Buchanan from the Workplace Research Centre. Read more

  • Unions and employer groups tussle over minimum wage review 28 Mar 2014

    ABC The World Today

    Damian Oliver is interviewed about minimum wage amidst the Fair Work Commission's annual minimum wage review.

  • Adults in all but pay: the case for increasing youth wages 15 Jul 2013

    The Conversation

    Damian Oliver has had an opinion editorial published at The Conversation, on the topic of youth wages for young people covered by the General Retail Industry Modern Award.

  • Fears for lost generation of jobless youth 30 Jun 2013

    The Age

    Damian Oliver has been interviewed by Fairfax Media on the topic of youth unemployment, and the risk that Australia is in danger of creating a 'Lost Generation', similar to that which has occurred in Europe.

  • Who will protect our IR protections? 10 May 2013

    The Drum Opinion

    ABC's The Drum online has published an op-ed by Professor John Buchanan and Dr Damian Oliver, from Workplace Research Centre at the University of Sydney Business School, on the Coalition's IR policy.

  • Pay claims put youth jobs at risk 18 Apr 2013

    The Daily Telegraph

    Damian Oliver from the Workplace Reseach Centre has been interviewed about the wage gap between youth employed by fast food giants and the rest of the hospitality industry.

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