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Daniel Nyberg - Newsroom articles

  • Climate change research targeted in era of political denial 18 Nov 2013

    Renew Economy

    That the social debate around climate change is a 'culture war' should come as no surprise to anyone observing current political debate in Australia, the US, UK and Canada.

  • What does direct action on climate change really look like? 30 Oct 2013

    Renew Economy

    As the disconnect between political obfuscation and climate science continues, how might individuals respond to climate change?

  • In the corporate fight club, the environment usually loses 25 Oct 2013

    The Conversation

    A commitment to sustainability has become a typical component of any modern-day corporation's public face. Visit the homepages of major organisations in any sector, from coal-mining to cola-making, and you'll find "green" credentials front and centre.

  • We're f*cked! Conceptualising the climate catastrophe 20 Sep 2013

    Renew Economy

    Climate change is often characterised as a 'crisis', but should it be more accurately understood as a 'catastrophe'.

  • Hot under the collar about climate change? It's natural 04 Sep 2013

    The Conversation

    Identifying and harnessing the emotional levers that drive positive change in people is the key to the climate change debate, writes Chris Wright and Daniel Nyberg in the Conversation.

  • Plagued by an epidemic of funny sickies 20 Mar 2011

    Sunday Telegraph

    The Australian tradition of chucking a sickie is at plague proportions, with a quarter of healthy workers skipping work at least once in the past year. Dr Daniel Nyberg, work and organisational studies lecturer from the University of Sydney said companies need to accept the blame for staff taking sickies and make changes.