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David Grant - Newsroom articles

  • Future of franchising may lie in retreat from formulaic uniformity 25 Feb 2015

    University of Sydney Business School

    FRANCHISING - a clever method of business expansion through replication - may become a victim of its greatest strength: formulaic uniformity. Read more

  • Nokia sells to Microsoft, closing chapter in Finland's source of national pride 04 Sep 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Professor of Organizational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, David Grant, comments on the move of the Nokia handset division to Microsoft.

  • Finnished: Nokia sells handset business to Microsoft 04 Sep 2013

    The Age

    Professor David Grant, Co-Dean of the Business School, has been quoted by Fairfax Media in an article about the sale of mobile phone giant Nokia to Microsoft.

  • Steve Ballmer's eternal quest to rescue Microsoft 19 Jul 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    "Are Steve Ballmer's latest efforts to turn around the fortune of Microsoft too little, too late?" ask Professor David Grant, Co-Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, and Abz Sharma, PhD candidate. Read more

  • MBA flagship sets sail again 13 May 2013

    Australian Financial Review

    The Australian Financial Review has interviewed Professor Tyrone Carlin and Professor David Grant, Co-Deans at the University of Sydney Business School, on our flagship Master of Business Administration Program.

  • Reshaping Apple's Core 06 Sep 2012

    The Australian Financial Review

    The first year without Steve Jobs has been most eventful for Apple. In particular, much has been made of CEO Timothy Cook's leadership style in contrast to that of Jobs', say Abz Sahrma and David Grant, Deputy Dean of the Business School.