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Hans Hendrischke - Newsroom articles

  • Australia tops Chinese investment flow 15 Mar 2013

    The Australian Financial Review

    Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business and Management, has been interviewed on the topic of Chinese levels of importation of Australian resources, following the release of a joint report by the University of Sydney's China Studies Centre and KPMG.

  • It's the economy - China's 'once-in-a-decade leadership change' 21 Feb 2013

    Asian Currents

    Professor Hans Hendrischke of Chinese Business and Management at the University of Sydney Business School talks about the recent transition to a new leadership group shows how much the Chinese Communist Party values continuity.

  • Lingering Doubt in Chinese investment 11 Feb 2013

    Southern Cross Television

    Hans Hendrischke has told Souther Cross Television that Chinese investment in Australia will be effected by lingering Chinese doubt.

  • Financiers back registry for foreign buyers 28 Nov 2012

    The Australian

    Professor Hans Hendrischke and Adjunct Professor Hugh Harley have taken part in a roundtable discussion seeking to find a solution to the anxiousness felt by many Australians about foreign investment, reports The Australian.

  • Normal service is resumed in China 16 Nov 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, China Studies Centre and Business School, regarding changes to China's leadership and the appointment of Xi Jinping as president.

  • China plans to double GDP by 2020 12 Nov 2012

    Sky News

    Sky Business News has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, China Studies Centre and Business School, re the Chinese Communist Party Leadership and China's plans for GDP to double by 2020. Professor Hendrischke says that we should be careful not to confuse the situation with, for example, the US Presidential Election, as the policies in China have been calibrated to accommodate the new leader.

  • Chinese Investment in Primary Production 03 Sep 2012

    ABC Lateline

    ABC TV's Lateline program has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, Business School, regarding the sale of Australia's biggest cotton farm to a Chinese dominated consortium.

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