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Kai Riemer - Newsroom articles

  • Change and adapt to shake up your industry 14 Jun 2016

    The Australian

    The Australian quoted Professor Kai Riemer about digital disruption in the sharing economy, mentioning his work on the Digital Disruption Research Group.

  • The Fourth Revolution: Artificial Intelligence 29 Jan 2016

    Tech Exec

    Professor Kai Riemer was quoted in an article about the emergence of the fourth revolution: an age of artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and sophisticated robotics, and what this means for the workforce.

  • Are we being taken for a ride by the sharing economy? 04 Nov 2015

    Sky Business News

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer was interviewed on Sky Business News about the federal opposition's shared economy policy.

  • Watching the disruptors 21 Jun 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer is interviewed by ABC Radio National about a new report into the emergence of digital disruptive intermediaries and why they are so successful.

  • Almost three quarters of companies react to disruption two years later 20 May 2015

    Which-50 Blog

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer is quoted in a blog about the 'Daze of Disruption' conference in which he spoke about research that found 74 per cent of companies only react to digital disruption two years after it happens.

  • 5 things all businesses should understand about disruption 18 May 2015

    Business Insider

    Business Insider quotes Associate Professor Kai Riemer in an article about how to understand disruption and how it affects business.

  • What digital winners know and incumbents refuse to accept - information trumps physical assets 22 Apr 2015

    Which-50 Blog

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer is quoted in a blog about a University of Sydney Business School and Capgemini study into digital disruptive intermediaries.

  • Models such as Uber should be embraced rather than fought, says university and Capgemini report 01 Apr 2015

    The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Perth Now, Advertiser, Mercury, Geelong Advertiser and

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer is quoted in an article that reports on a University of Sydney Business School study produced in conjunction with Capgemini Australia, which suggests Australian businesses should embrace the practices of disruptive technology.

  • France: the start of a new clarity 14 Jan 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    Associate Professor Kai Riemer is quoted in an Australian Financial Review article about how terror groups are using social media as a tool to reach a large audience.

  • NBN: the never-ending story 28 Aug 2014

    Australian Financial Review

    The Australian Financial Review interviews Associate Professor Kai Riemer in a story about the cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network and the political argument that surrounds it.

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