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Philip Seltsikas - Newsroom articles

  • Philip Seltsikas on ABC Weekend Breakfast 07 Nov 2015

    ABC Weekend Breakfast

    ABC Weekend Breakfast interviewed Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas about the security of cloud passports in light of a proposal under consideration by the federal government.

  • 'Cloud passports' prompt data security questions 29 Oct 2015

    SBS World News

    Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas was interviewed by SBS World News about Cloud Passports and passport-less travel, following reports that the Australian and New Zealand Governments are in discussions to trial such a system.

  • University of Sydney management degree leaps up international rankings 14 Sep 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    The Australian Financial Review reports the University of Sydney Business School's master of management program has been ranked 39th in the world by the Financial Times. Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas is quoted in the article.

  • Memo to PM: admit there is a Chinese hacking problem and move on 30 May 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Philip Seltsikas and Max Soyref have published an opinion piece with Fairfax Media on the recent Chinese hacking scandal involving the alleged theft of blueprints for Australia's new ASIO building.

  • Australia must become a regional cyber-security leader 04 Feb 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Having a cohesive cyber policy and security centre is only a start, argue Philip Seltsikas and Max Soyref. Read more

  • Future of business cyber security tied to US election result 31 Oct 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Australian business community must remain acutely aware of cyber security developments in the US and be prepared to take an active role in any government-led response, write Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas and PhD candidate Max Soyref. Read more

  • Bonus question puzzles students 23 Jul 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Published course entry scores are no longer the simple, unambiguous signposts they once were, with universities reinterpreting HSC results in a great variety of ways, notably by throwing bonus points into the mix.