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Rae Cooper - Newsroom articles

  • Why we should all work like working mums 14 Nov 2014

    Australian Financial Review

    Research into flexible working arrangements by Associate Professor Rae Cooper is mentioned in an Australian Financial Review article.

  • New data shows location of glass ceiling 09 Oct 2014

    Australian Financial Review

    The Australian Financial Review quotes Professor Marian Baird and Associate Professor Rae Cooper about research by the University of Sydney Business School and BOSS into gender diversity across S&P/ASX 100 companies.

  • Senate votes on Fair Work Amendment Bill 03 Sep 2014

    ABC Radio National Drive

    Radio National Drive interviews Associate Professor Rae Cooper about the Fair Work Amendment Bill and changes to penalty rates.

  • Fair Work Amendment Bill is a recipe for exploitation 02 Sep 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times

    Sydney Moring Herald and Canberra Times quotes Associate Professor Rae Cooper in an article about the Fair Work Amendment Bill and employment relations.

  • Staff cop sexual harassment as part of service 17 Aug 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a sexual harassment case and mentions research co-authored by Dr Rae Cooper about why many employees in the retail industry do not report abuse.

  • Childcare reforms would still punish mothers who work too much 16 Aug 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald quotes Marian Baird and Rae Cooper in an article about how mothers who work more than two days a week will continue to suffer economically despite the productivity commission's plan to improve their participation in the workforce.

  • Family First pushes for workers to negotiate own pay rates 13 Aug 2014


    Representatives of the restaurant industry have said that rising labour costs are forcing many businesses to pay workers cash at rates lower than the minimum award.

  • The typical new unionist: not a hard hat in sight, and most are women 18 Mar 2014

    Sydney Morning Herald

    There has been a dramtaic change in the membership base of unions in Australia with female workers being more unionised than male workers. Dr Rae Cooper is quoted in the article.

  • Casualisation halted but a third of single mums in insecure work 28 Aug 2013

    ABC Radio National

    ABC Radio National's PM program interviewed Associate Professor Rae Cooper on the proportion of single parents relying on insecure casual work.

  • Flexibility in the workplace 15 Jun 2013

    The Wire

    Rae Cooper has been interviewed for The Wire, a current affairs radio program, on the topic of flexibility in the workplace.

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