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Ranjit Voola - Newsroom articles

  • Upfront business school news and views 14 Sep 2014

    Financial Times

    Associate Professor Ranjit Voola's unit titled Poverty and Profitability was profiled in the Financial Times, Masters in Management Supplement.

  • Profiting from poverty 15 Jul 2014

    Radio National Life Matters

    Dr Ranjit Voola is interviewed on Radio National's Life Matters program about the Business School's new unit, Poverty Alleviation and Profitability, which looks at how making a profit out of poverty may soon be a sustainable way of doing business.

  • Can we fight poverty by profiting from it? This radical business course will teach you how. 24 Jun 2014

    Australian Anthill

    Associate Professor Ranjit Voola is interviewed about a course that teaches a new approach to fighting poverty.

  • Alleviating poverty and maintaining the bottom line: can it be done? 29 Jul 2013

    The Wire

    The Wire has reported on Senior Lecturer Ranjit Voola and the Poverty Alleviation and Profitability roundtable held recently at the University.

  • How to help the poor and make a profit 29 Jul 2013

    ABC Radio National

    Senior Lecturer Ranjit Voola has urged Australian businesses to invest in the poor in Australia and abroad, telling a forum that businesses can still make profits while alleviating poverty.

  • Fighting poverty and making profits 02 Apr 2013

    The Borneo Insider

    The Borneo Insider has interviewed Dr Ranjit Voola, University of Sydney Business School, on his research into the potential for businesses to reap profits from microfinance projects in developing countries.