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Stephen Clibborn - Newsroom articles

  • Protect those under radar 12 Mar 2015

    Queensland Times, Fraser Coast Chronicle, Daily News, Gladstone Observer, Northern Star, Toowoomba Chronicle and Gympie Times

    Dr Stephen Clibborn is quoted in an article making a submission to the Productivity Commission review of workplace relations in regards to protections for immigrant workers.

  • Stephen Clibborn on SYN FM Melbourne 12 Mar 2015

    SYN FM Melbourne

    Stephen Clibborn was interviewed on SYN FM Melbourne about his research which shows the need to improve working environments for immigrant workers.

  • Absence of final arbitration in Act favours employers: Study 03 Mar 2014

    Workplace Express

    Dr Stephen Clibborn is mentioned in the Workplace Express article about a recent paper he co-authored on enterpise bargaining that preceeded a major agreement covering casino workers.

  • Real pain but effects will be temporary 12 Dec 2013

    Australian Financial Review

    Dr Stephen Clibborn was quoted in the Australian Financial Review about the impact of Holden's decision on the economy.

  • Industry experts say Adelaide's northern suburbs will need $1 billion rescue package 12 Dec 2013

    Dr Stephen Clibborn warns that the closure of Holden and the downfall of the automotive industry may be greater than many anticipated.

  • Holden's departure 'could be the end of manufacturing in Australia' 12 Dec 2013

    BRW Online

    Holden's departure from Australia may be the card that brings the nation's entire manufacturing house down, according to the University of Sydney Business School's Dr Stephen Clibborn and Professor Russell Lansbury, who have studied the sector extensively.

  • G.M. will stop making cars in Australia 11 Dec 2013

    New York Times

    General Motors said it would stop making cars in Australia by 2017 due to high costs and a cripplingly strong currency. Dr Stephen Clibborn was quoted in the New York Times about the impact of Holden's decision on the economy.

  • GM Holden to Stop Auto Manufacturing in Australia in 2017 11 Dec 2013


    Dr Stephen Clibborn was quoted in Bloomberg about Holden's decision on the resources sector.

  • Holden on: a manufacturing dilemma 11 Dec 2013

    The Age

    Enticing global parent companies to keep making cars in Australia may simply delay the inevitable.

  • Auto manufacturing almost dead: expert 11 Dec 2013


    Australia's automotive manufacturing sector could disappear within a few years, Dr Stephen Clibborn warns.

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