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Stephen Greaves - Newsroom articles

  • It shouldn't be this hard to get children to school 13 Feb 2017

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times

    The Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times published an article authored by Professor Stephen Greaves about Sydney's traffic congestion during peak times such as the beginning of the school term.

  • I can't wait to get my Ls! A Perspective on High School Travel 09 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Last week marked the end of the school holidays in Sydney and a resumption for many of frustrating levels of congestion as the 'school-run' resumed. Well over half of school children were driven, which is roughly double the levels when many of their parents would have been attending school, 25-30 years ago. How have we arrived at this situation and what can we do? Read more

  • The city of bikes: Bicycles outnumber cars in record first for Copenhagen 05 Dec 2016

    ABC Online

    Professor Stephen Greaves was quoted on ABC Online and the New Daily about prioritising vehicle over bicycle infrastructure in relation to news that there are more bicycles than vehicles in Copenhagen.

  • Why autonomous vehicles won’t make Sydney’s inner-city streets less congested 17 Aug 2016 interviewed Professor Stephen Greaves about autonomous vehicles and other measures to make our cities more liveable discussed as part of the University of Sydney’s recent Festival of Urbanism.

  • Cycling at the Crossroads 09 Jul 2016

    The Saturday Paper

    Professor Stephen Greaves was quoted in The Saturday Paper about new cycling legislation in NSW and the strict enforcement of the laws.

  • Technology helping us to understand what the transport needs are 14 May 2016


    David Brown talks to Dr Stephen Greaves who is Professor in Transport Management at Sydney University Business School.

  • Draconian new bike laws won't improve safety 01 Mar 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Professor Stephen Greaves about new cycling regulations which come into effect today.

  • New South Wales Cycling Laws: One pedal forward, two pedals back 15 Jan 2016

    As most New South Wales residents were finalising their Christmas holiday plans, the NSW state government unveiled a package of regulations designed to 'help drivers, bicycle riders and pedestrians Go Together safely'. Read more

  • Transport in the NSW State Budget 24 Jun 2015

    2SER FM

    Professor Stephen Greaves was interviewed on 2SER FM in relation to the NSW budget announcement and spending on transport infrastructure.

  • Little Pain, Big Gains 06 Jun 2015

    The Daily Telegraph

    Professor Stephen Greaves is quoted in an article about concerns over the WestConnex project and traffic congestion in Sydney.

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