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Stephen Greaves - Newsroom articles

  • Sydney's congestion at 'tipping point' 21 May 2018

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Sydney is approaching a tipping point that would see people abandon public transport and choose to drive to work as the city struggles to cope with population growth.

  • Sydney wants more bike paths and public transport 27 Apr 2018

    Roads & Infrastructure and Science Media Exchange

    Roads & Infrastructure and Science Media Exchange mentioned a study co-written by Professor Stephen Greaves, Chris Standen and Richard Ellison from the Business School and Professor Rissel with Associate Professor Li Ming Wen and Melanie Crane from the School of Public Health on Sydneysiders wanting more bike paths and cheaper public transport.

  • The Sydney students travelling 'phenomenal distances' to get to school every day 03 Apr 2018

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Professor Stephen Greaves was quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on the congestion caused by students travelling “phenomenal distances” to attend selective schools.

  • Should Australia consider driverless cars? 21 Mar 2018

    2GB Sydney

    2GB Sydney interviewed Professor Stephen Greaves on driverless cars after a woman was killed in the US by a self-driving Uber.

  • Driverless cars put us on better road to safety 20 Mar 2018

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Professor Stephen Greaves authored an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about why we should still use driverless cars in the future despite the event. The article was syndicated across Fairfax Media.

  • Eradicating Road Accidents: A Driverless Future? 09 Feb 2018

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Much has been debated about the driverless future and what we should be doing to prepare: When is it coming and in what form? Will we embrace it for ourselves and our loved ones? Will vehicle ownership and usage change? Will congestion get better or worse? Will it free up space in our cities? What are the implications for public transport, cycling and walking? Read more

  • Stuck in first gear: how Australia's electric car revolution stalled 25 Jan 2018

    The Guardian

    The Guardian quoted Professor Stephen Greaves on the uptake of electric cars in Australia.

  • People take to their bikes when we make it safer and easier for them 07 Sep 2017

    The Conversation

    Professor Stephen Greaves and Christopher Standen wrote about how small investment in cycling infrastructure, combined with less punitive policing, would enable more Australians to escape daily traffic congestion in The Conversation.

  • Stephen Greaves on 2SER FM 03 Sep 2017

    2SER FM

    Professor Stephen Greaves was interviewed on 2SER FM about a new dockless bike sharing app, which was launched by a Sydney-based company.

  • Toll roads can improve quality of life, NRMA says, but do time savings outweigh the cost? 25 Jul 2017

    ABC Online

    ABC Online quoted Professor Stephen Greaves about an NRMA report that found toll roads could improve quality of life.

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