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Susan McGrath-Champ - Newsroom articles

  • Part Time Job Numbers 18 Mar 2013

    ABC News 24

    ABC NewsRadio has interviewed Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ about part-time job numbers. Associate Professor McGrath-Champ says there is ongoing demand for part-time work and that is where the main growth is.

  • Immigrant workers to fill gap created by training failures 03 Jan 2013

    The University of Sydney Business School

    Australia will be forced to take more workers from abroad to meet the skills and labour needs of the resources 'boom' because of a failure in recent years to train enough tradespeople and technical professionals, writes Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ. Read more

  • Blue Collar Millionaires 16 Aug 2012

    The Tradie

    Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ has been interview by The Tradie magazine, regarding a new study which shows that skilled blue collar workers are earning more than ever.