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Teresa Davis - Newsroom articles

  • 'Sugar faces taxing time' 21 Mar 2016

    The Daily Examiner

    Associate Professor Teresa Davis was quoted by the Daily Examiner about the introduction of the British sugar tax on sweetened drinks.

  • Fat Chance 13 Oct 2014

    ABC Four Corners

    ABC Four Corners interviewed Associate Professor Teresa Davis from the Business School about marketing of fast foods to young people.

  • Branded apps not so sweet for kids: new study shows children bombarded with logos and products 11 Aug 2014

    Daily Telegraph

    The Daily Telegraph reported a University study reveals branded apps are influencing young people at unprecedented levels and quotes co-author, Associate Professor Teresa Davis from the Business School.

  • Are "branded apps" taking advantage of our children? 24 Jul 2014

    Radio National Life Matters

    Associate Professor Teresa Davis was interviewd on ABC Radio National's Life Matters program on branded apps and their influence on children.

  • Junk food advertising to kids 25 Nov 2013


    Big food and drink companies are under fire from health advocates and parents for bombarding children with junk food advertising and sophisticated marketing techniques.

  • There's an (branded) app for that! Branded mobile apps and food marketing 01 May 2013

    University of Oxford - Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity

    Associate Professor Teresa Davis describes an encounter she has on a train with a parent who placates her small child with an iPhone game. It draws her into thinking about mobile apps and games, which are today almost unregulated forms of social marketing.