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Wei Li - Newsroom articles

  • Beijing's toxic smog lowers birth weight of babies, research finds 29 Apr 2015

    ABC News

    Dr Wei Li from is quoted in an ABC Online article about the health concerns regarding toxic smog in Beijing.

  • Wei Li on ABC Radio National 29 Apr 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Dr Wei Li was interviewed on Radio National about a study on Beijing's toxic smog and the impact this may have on Beijing families.

  • AGENDA China FTA in detail 17 Nov 2014

    Sky News

    Sky News Lunchtime Agenda interviews Dr Wei Li about Australia's free trade agreement with China and outcomes from the G20 summit in Brisbane.

  • The defence of Whitlam era racial equality now rages in the workplace 13 Nov 2014

    University of Sydney Business School

    A feature of Gough Whitlam’s legacy is the importance that we now place on racial equality as a key facet of Australia’s identity. Read more

  • NBN cost benefit analysis fails the "imagination" test 11 Sep 2014

    University of Sydney Business School

    We now have our long-overdue cost-benefit analysis for the NBN. The current government and many in the business community have long asked how an infrastructure project such as the NBN could possibly have been launched without a thorough cost-benefit analysis - common sense, really. Read more

  • What Goes Around - Temporary Migrants - Scapegoat for Poor Training Record 21 Mar 2013

    The University of Sydney Business School

    Migrant workers continue to be the scapegoat for Australia's economic and labour market woes, argue Dr Dimitria Groutsis and Dr Diane Van Den Broek. Read more

  • Battle to fly high with business passengers 16 Oct 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Associate Professor Tony Webber has written about the ongoing price war between Qantas and Virgin in the domestic Business Class airline sector, for the Sydney Morning Herald. Read more

  • Hospitality sector seeks to cut penalty rates 01 May 2012

    ABC News 24

    ABC News 24's Afternoon Live program and ABC TV news Melbourne have interviewed Professor John Buchanan, University of Sydney Business School Workplace Research Centre, regarding the proposal by retailers and restaurants across Australia to remove penalty rates for workers. Professor Buchanan said in an immediate sense it is right, but community interests need to be weighed up.