Business Schools and History

Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of AAHANZBS

16-17 December 2010, The University of Sydney

Editor: Greg Patmore

Publisher: Business and Labour History Group, The University of Sydney

ISBN: 978-1-74210-208-5

Peer Reviewed Papers

The full version of these papers were double-blind assessed by two anonymous referees
A Not-So-Gentle Invasion: Changes to Women's Participation in Public Service Workforces in the 1970s
Linda Colley
A History of the Infringement Notice Mechanism and its Use in the Enforcement of Australia's Continuous Disclosure Regime
Cary Di Lernia
Understanding the Internationalisation of Family Businesses: Lessons from the History of Chinese and Lebanese Diaspora
Vipin Gupta, Chris Graves and Jill Thomas
Corporate Governance as a Movement
Bernard Mees

Abstracts Only (Not Refereed)

The Origins and Early Years of the Barossa Community Store, 1944-65
Nikola Balnave and Greg Patmore
Legal Origins of Fair Value Accounting
Gabriel Donleavy
'The war is a money making show': Working-Class Attitudes to World War II and Australian Nationalism
Lian Jenvey
An Historical Overview of New Zealand SME Policy, 1978-2008
Tanya Jurado
Changing Parental Leave Orientations in New Zealand
Ann-Marie Kennedy and Katherine Ravenswood
An Early NSW Government Attempt at Solving the Unemployed Problem: The Casual Labour Board, 1887-88
Melissa Kerr
An Account of the Rise and Fall of the Australian Cameleering Industry, 1830-1930
Amer Khan
New Prospectors: The Formation and Early Years of the Scottish Australian Mining Company in Newcastle, NSW, 1850-1870
Harry Knowles
Archival Film: New Opportunities for Case Study Development and Presentation?
Frances Laneyrie
Gender Roles in Ming Dynasty China: The Water Dragon Classic
Michael Paton
Four Work-Ins by Australian Journalists, 1944-80
Samuel Russell
Electronic Business and Legal Effect of Electronic Contracts in Australia
Farisa Tasneem
Labour Management and Firm Financing: Explaining Workplace Change in CUB's Breweries, 1991-2003
Mark Westcott