Fourth Annual Conference of AAHANZBS

Academic Association of Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools

2012 - Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


Elisabeth Kirkby (Sydney)
The Banksters of the 1920s and 1930s: did they 'advise and assist' or did they manipulate? PDF
Ray Markey (Macquarie)
Tragedy or Farce: The Repetition of Australian Industrial Relations History, 1929 and 2007 PDF (abstract only)
Ed Davis & Chris Wright (Macquarie)
The ACTU-ALP Prices and Incomes Accord: A Good Thing? PDF (abstract only)
Rob Allen (AUT)
Into the magic wardrobe: The past as gateway to present and future PDF
Mark Hearn (Macquarie)
'Constantly in transition': the Labour Movement and the Making of Post-industrial Australia PDF (abstract only)
Erling Rasmussen & Nevan Wright (AUT)
The Metamorphosis of the Brewing Industry and its Employment Relations Implications: The Example of Carlsberg PDF (abstract only)
Gabriel Donleavy (UWS)
Just Price to Fair Value: The Mutation That Never Was PDF
Bernard Mees (RMIT)
Secularising Business Ethics PDF
Simon Mowatt (AUT)
The development of the 'green' organic market in New Zealand: a study of barriers to entrepreneurial action in historical context PDF (abstract only)