Association of Academic Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools (AAHANZBS) 9th Annual Conference

9-10 November, 2017

The University of Sydney Business School

Why History?

The Business and Labour History Group (BLHG) of University of Sydney Business School, Australia, will be hosting the 9th Annual Conference of AAHANZBS on 9-10 November 2017.

Plenary speaker

Professor Chris Howell, Oberlin College


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Abstracts and papers

Nikola Balnave (Macquarie University) and Greg Patmore(University of Sydney) ‘Before Rochdale: Co-operatives and Industrialisation in the UK’
Nikola Balnave (Macquarie University), Greg Patmore (University of Sydney) and Olivera Marjanovic (University of Sydney) 'Co-operatives in Australia 1839 - 2012'
Catherine Bishop (The University of Sydney) ‘Thinking around corners: gender, architecture and entrepreneurship in the Transtasman world’
Mathin Biswas (Monash University) ‘Redundancy, space, and localism: The tales of former SECV employees’
Sebastian Boell (The University of Sydney) ‘Information and Organizational Change on Long Time-Scales’
Frank Clarke (The University of Sydney), Graeme Dean (The University of Sydney) and Martin Persson (Ivey Business School) ‘Writing a business biography: ‘Wisdom of Accounting – Ray Chambers’ Odyssey’ – A Life on the fringe’
Garry Cronan (The University of Sydney) ‘Hidden in plain sight: significance and performance of large global co-operative and mutual businesses during the period 1980 – 2015’
Mihajla Gavin (The University of Sydney) ‘Evolving campaign tactics and strategies used to defend teacher salaries and staffing conditions in neoliberal times: a case of the New South Wales Teachers’ Federation’
Fiona Hurd (AUT) and Suzette Dyer (University of Waikato) ‘Perfect Storm or Serendipity: The decline of coal mining, an oil crisis, ‘Think Big’, and the development of New Zealand’s largest power station’
Martha Knox-Haly (Independent Scholar) ‘ICAC and NSW Governments (1988-2016): What has changed?’
Bernard Mees (RMIT) ‘The Union Bank of Australia’
Philippa Mein Smith (University of Tasmania) ‘Sealer dealers, colonial history, and architecture’
Simon Mowatt (AUT) and Howard Cox (University of Worcester) ‘The development and internationalisation of relational marketing in the interwar period in consumer magazine publishing’
Dmytro Ostapenko (La Trobe University) Dmytro Ostapenko (La Trobe University) - ‘Building global labour alliances: International Transport Workers’ Federation and Asia-Pacific maritime unions in the pre-1939 period’
Robin Skinner (Victoria University, Wellington) ‘Building societies for a new colony’
Sandra van der Laan (University of Sydney) ‘The Rise of Funeral Insurance: Burial Clubs and Friendly Societies in 19th Century England’
Mark Westcott (The University of Sydney) ‘Changing Business Elites. Finance and the directors of Australian companies’