Research Projects

The Westfund History Project (2014)

Investigator/s: , Greg PatmoreMark Westcott

This project explores the origins and growth of the regional health insurance fund Westfund. It examines the business model of a mutual and the highlights the impact of a range of factors on the development of the Fund including the local community and federal government health policy.

A History of Occupational Health Nursing in NSW (2012-2017)

Investigator/s: Jim Kitay

The History of Occupational Health Nursing in NSW project explores the changing role of nurses in NSW workplaces from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. The project examines the social, organisational and legislative context in which occupational health nurses worked, and the distinctive associations and educational arrangements that they developed.

Non-union employee representation in the workplace: debates and practice in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States 1914-1939 (2011-2012)

Investigator/s: Greg Patmore

This project uses comparative historical data to provide a clear direction for public policy in the development of frontier technology for employment relations infrastructure at the workplace level. This infrastructure would maximise workplace productivity, increase job satisfaction and provide a greater voice for employees in the workplace.

History of Citigroup in Australia (2005-2008)

Investigator/s: , Greg PatmoreJohn Shields

The project focussed on the early history of Citibank in Australia, especially prior to obtaining its banking licence in 1986. Through its interviews and documents it highlighted the long process for Citibank to obtain its licence, particularly its growing relationship with the Industrial Acceptance Corporation, a major provider of higher purchase finance, before it was able to function as a full bank in the Australia.