Seminars and Symposia


  • History of Finance and Financial Institutions in the Asia-Pacific Rim
    8th Dec 2006
    The Asia-Pacific Rim is the home to the most diverse and fastest growing financial systems in the world. The internationally-refereed journal, Accounting, Business & Financial History is pleased to announce its sponsorship of this workshop held at the University of Sydney.

  • Breaking with the Past: The Transformation of an Australian Corporate Leader 1960-1980
    Dec 2006
    Harry Knowles, Lecturer
    Discipline of Work & Organisational Studies, Faculty of Economics & Business, The University of Sydney

  • Working Life, Enterprise and Arbitration
    10th Nov 2006
    Highlighted the rich and complex history of Australian working class experience and business enterprise as revealed in the transcripts of Commonwealth and State arbitration proceedings.

  • Discrepancies in predicted, remembered and momentary moods over the course of the week: Do I love my job even more than I think?
    7th Nov 2006
    Charles Areni
    Professor of Marketing
    Discipline of Marketing, Faculty of Economics & Business, The University of Sydney

  • George where did it all go wrong? The British coalowners, 1850-1914
    19th Apr 2006
    John Benson
    Professor of History at the University of Wolverhampton

  • Co-operation and Politics of Consumption
    17th Mar 2006
    The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) defines a co-operative as 'an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.' Five broad types, or traditions, of co-operative activity have developed internationally since the mid-nineteenth century: retail (or consumer); financial (or banking); agricultural; worker; and health, housing, childcare, social and community activities. Co-operatives provide 100 million jobs worldwide, 20 per cent more than multinational enterprises. This conference explores the history of the politics of co-operation in relation to consumer goods and financial services. Specific institutions include Starr-Bowkett societies, retail co-operatives and credit unions. There are speakers from Australia, Canada and the USA.

  • Business and Management History Symposium
    24th Feb 2006
    This one-day symposium highlighted the significance of business and management history for academic researchers, business and the broader community. The opening address was given by Professor Michael Rowlinson of Queen Mary University of London. Michael is director of the School of Business and Management and co-editor of Management and Organizational History. Researchers within the Faculty of Economics and Business discussed current projects and there was a special session by archivists to highlight the importance of preserving business archives.

  • Organizational mnemonics: Social practices for remembering in organizations
    22nd Feb 2006
    Michael Rowlinson
    Professor of Organization Studies
    Director, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London