Seminars and Symposia


  • Symposium on Non-Union Forms of Employee Representation in the Asia Pacific Rim
    7th Dec 2007
    This symposium will focus on non-union forms of employee representation in the Asia-Pacific Rim. There is a resurgence of interest in these approaches with the decline of trade unionism in countries such as Australia and the US. Papers are historical and/or contemporary in focus and cover schemes such as employee representation plans, occupational health and safety committees and works councils. Papers also deal with community organising and non-union collective bargaining as alternative forms of worker voice. The papers come from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

  • Rockefeller's Cross: Employee Representation at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
    5th Dec 2007
    Jonathan Rees, History Department, Colorado State University - Pueblo
    In light of debates over declining union membership in the United States and Australia, Jonathan re-examines J. D. Rockefeller Junior's Employee Representation Plan (ERP) as a form of non-union voice for workers. The paper is a preview of the issues that will be raised at the joint BLHG/WOS symposium on 7th December.

  • Federal Systems of Industrial Relations Symposium
    27th Jul 2007
    This symposium will highlight the issues that arise from having multiple levels of jurisdiction over employment regulation in national industrial relations systems. While many commentators tend to focus on national systems of industrial regulation, and commonly assume that state or provincial systems are simply subordinate to that operating at the national level, there is ample evidence that state and provincial industrial relations systems have been pacesetters at critical junctures in countries such as Canada, Australia and the US.

  • Occupational Health and Safety History Symposium
    13th Jul 2007
    The Business and Labour History Group will be holding a symposium on the history of occupational health and safety on 13 July 2007. The symposium will feature Professor Michael Quinlan from UNSW.