Seminars and Symposia


  • Trade Unions and Cooperatives in Europe - A Social Dialogue
    25th Nov 2008
    Rainer Schlüter, International Cooperative Alliance
    Rainer Schlüter is in Sydney as Keynote Speaker at the Cooperative Progress Conference organised by the Cooperative Federation of NSW. He is one of the most influential and celebrated figures in the cooperative movement including the resurgent worker cooperative sector and burgeoning social enterprise movement in Europe. He will give a historical talk on "Trade Unions and Worker Cooperatives" with special reference to the synergy that could emerge in today's economic climate between the two movements in tackling current business problems. Rainer will include a recent Survey of Social Dialogue and Cooperatives in Europe which included the trade unions.

    Rainer Schlüter has been the Director of Cooperatives Europe and ICA Director for the European region since 2004. He was previously General Secretary of the European Confederation of Workers Co-operatives, Social co-operatives and Social and Participative Enterprises and General Delegate of the Coordinating Committee of European Cooperative Associations. Until recently he was President of the European Network of Cities and Regions for Social Economy and a Board member of the European Permanent Conference of Co-operatives, Mutual Societies, Associations and Foundations. Rainer has been a member and board member of several worker co-operatives and social economy enterprises and has consulted on enterprise creation and social innovation. His original studies were as a researcher and assistant in applied economics, environmental economics and cost-benefit analysis at the Free University of Brussels and later at the European Studies Institute/ULB. He is a regular exhibitor of sculpture.

  • Anti-Union Employer Strategy: An Historical Analysis (Special Thematic section of Labour History)
    10th Nov 2008
    Business and Labour History Group, University of Sydney
    Guest Editors: Rae Cooper and Greg Patmore
    Declining union membership raises the important issue of employer strategies aimed at reducing union presence in the workplace. Given the focus of Labour History editorial policy on examining 'union organising strategies' it is appropriate that we also analyse the 'union avoidance' and 'union- busting' activities of employers. This thematic section brings in researchers who are undertaking long-term studies of employer anti-union strategies from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

  • Mirrored Histories: Consumption and Work in the Asia Pacific
    20th Jun 2008
    Session 1: Simon Mollan, York St John University, United Kingdom, From merchants to warehousing and retail: the case of S. Hoffnung and Co. Louis Ferleger and John D. Metz, Boston University, "Room for Improvement, but No Room for Progress": The Material Basis of the Economic and Social Transformation of Middle Georgia, 1880-1910.

    Session 2: Amanda McLeod, The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne, From merchants to warehousing and retail: the case of S. Hoffnung and Co., Nikola Balnave, The University of Western Sydney, and Greg Patmore, Work and Organisational Studies, The University of Sydney, Marketing Community and Democracy: Rural Rochdale Co-operatives in Australia. Leanne Cutcher, Work and Organisational Studies, The University of Sydney, The Civic-Minded Customer as Co-producer

    Session 3: Teresa Davis and Tanja Schneider, Marketing, The University of Sydney, Of Happy Vegemites, Nervous women: The Social Construction of Functional Foods and the consumer in the Australian Women's Weekly over half a century. Sidharth Bhatia and Ulku Yuksel, Marketing, The University of Sydney, "Tracing the Journey: Understanding the moderating effect of pro-sumption on consumption patterns during the sequential homosexual self-identity formation phases".

  • Backdoor Bankers: The Origins of Citigroup's Australia Operations, 1916-1986
    27th May 2008
    Harry Knowles, Greg Patmore and John Shields
    Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business, The University of Sydney

  • Why is There No Labor Party in the United States?
    23rd Apr 2008
    Robin Archer, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Consumption, Markets and Culture - Special Edition Call for Papers
    Mirrored Histories: Consumption and Work in the Asia Pacific
    2nd Apr 2008

  • Why Business History is Important?
    14th Mar 2008
    With commentaries by Nikola Balnave (UWS), Nicholas Cowell (Citibank), Chris Poullaos (Accounting), Chris Wright (WOS)

  • The Evolution of Capitalism in Canada and Australia in the 20th Century - Lessons to be Learned
    10th Mar 2008
    Professor Joe Martin, Rotman School of Management, The University of Toronto

  • Honouring Bob Gollan and Eric Fry
    8th Feb 2008
    In October 2007 two of the great stalwarts of Australian labour history, Eric Fry, and Bob Gollan passed away. They were founders of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History and played key roles in the launching and growth of the journal, Labour History. They were also mentors to many labour historians both at the Australian National University and elsewhere. In their own right they made significant contributions to the Australian labour history through numerous books and articles. This symposium brought together several leading Australian labour historians to remind us and celebrate their contribution to Australian labour history. The covenor of the symposium was Peter Love (Swinburne University of Technology). The speakers were John Merritt (colleague at the ANU and a former editor of Labour History), Susan Magarey (The University of Adelaide) and Verity Burgmann (The University of Melbourne). Their tributes will form the basis of papers to published as part of a special tribute to Bob and Eric in the May 2008 issue of Labour History.