The Petersham Model for Co-operatives and Housing

14th Dec 2012  03:00 pm - Darlington Centre School Building Meeting Room 7

The topic of the seminar will be "The Petersham Model for Co-operatives and Housing" by Peter Gates (The Mercury Centre) In this seminar, Peter will look at the nature of co-operative involvement in housing. He will present an alternate approach to the use of co-operatives in the provision of housing in Australia, outlining a model for shared equity housing using a co-operative structure where ownership of the residences is by the co-operative, along with some research questions that it raises.

Peter is a co-operative practitioner who has been involved for over 25 years in co-operative development. As CEO of The Mercury Centre, he works with groups building collaborative enterprises, people working together for a common goal, assisting them in areas such as concept development; enterprise definition and creation; strategic and business planning; goal setting and situational analysis; governance reviews and renewal; and constitution/rules development.