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About The Chambers Business History Research Collection

The Chambers Business History Research Collection holds considerable primary and secondary material relating to research undertaken by the University of Sydney Business School and its predecessors. It also holds outside material from a number of organizations which is being held in trust for current research projects being undertaken by members of the School.

It comprises 5000+ records principally in the areas of accounting, business and labour history, which form a number of discrete collections.

The Chambers Archive of accounting, accounting history and management. It includes the personal research materials of Professor Ray Chambers, company reports and his unique working library which was built up over several decades and contains many unique items.

Business history
‘The Glassworks’. Business records of a prominent Australian glassworks manufacturer, 1950 – 2009. Reveals the development and vicissitudes of a significant segment of Australian manufacturing as takeovers increased and companies were exposed the operations of the free market.

Commissioned histories
Comprehensive collections of research material used in the preparation by BLHG of commissioned histories for Citibank and Westfund (a long established health fund).

The ACIRRT/ WRC Collection, which is a recent addition and contains significant data relating to the development of workplace relations in Australia (1989-2015). Includes primary materials, research records and publications.

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour history
Important non-digitised labour history and union publications many from overseas.

The Garry Lewis Archive – history and development of co-operatives in Australia. Garry Lewis is Australia’s most prominent historian of the co-operative movement. His archive comprises research materials which are the result of more than 30years of work in this field.

The WOS thesis collection
Honours, Masters and PhD theses dating from the 1960s.Industrial relations is the dominant subject area but it also includes labour history, employment law, management, organisational behaviour, human resource management and occupational health and safety. Subject range, time span and methodological diversity are features of this collection.